Perlove Medical Multifunctional Dynamic DR: A Powerful Assistant in Emergency Rescue!


The emergency department is the critical frontline for safeguarding life and health. In the intense battlefield of emergency treatment, the Perlove Medical multifunctional dynamic DR plays an important role, showcasing numerous application advantages.

01 Intelligent Control System for Rapid Examination

In emergency treatment, time is of the essence. The Perlove Medical multifunctional dynamic DR‘s 10.4-inch large screen touch control system allows for one-click case creation in emergency situations and supports bidirectional transmission of patient positioning protocols.

Faced with critically ill patients, doctors can create cases directly on the bedside touch screen with one click and immediately begin the examination. The bedside touch screen and workstation can bidirectionally transmit patient positioning protocols, enabling doctors to quickly determine the appropriate positioning protocol and start the examination through the touch screen. They can also adjust the positioning as needed, saving valuable time for timely diagnosis and treatment. Additionally, the Perlove Medical multifunctional dynamic DR can complete image acquisition in a short time, providing doctors with clear images promptly, aiding in quick diagnosis and treatment planning.

02 Multifunctional Device for Efficient Diagnosis

The Perlove Medical multifunctional dynamic DR has a wide range of applications and is multifunctional, capable of quickly completing photography, fluoroscopy, and angiography, providing comprehensive imaging information for doctors. It can be quickly put into use in emergency treatment, allowing for rapid and accurate diagnosis without the need to switch between different devices, significantly reducing preparation time.

03 Dynamic Imaging for Precise Capture

The Perlove Medical multifunctional dynamic DR features visualized spot imaging, allowing for multi-angle dynamic observation of the internal situation. Once a suspicious lesion is discovered, a clear static image can be immediately obtained. For emergency patients who are unconscious or have unclear complaints, doctors can quickly locate the accurate position of the lesion or injury through visualized operation, greatly improving diagnostic accuracy and efficiency. It also alleviates the pain during the imaging process for fracture patients and reduces the hassle of operation for doctors.

04 High-definition Imaging with 100μm Flat Panel

The Perlove Medical multifunctional dynamic DR uses a 100μm dynamic flat panel detector, achieving a super-high resolution of 5.0 lp/mm, significantly enhancing detail detection capabilities. The dynamic examination frame rate is up to 30 frames per second, effectively preventing missed or incorrect diagnoses. The static photography effective pixels are up to 18 million, compared to the traditional 9 million pixels, providing clearer and more detailed image details. This helps doctors accurately determine the location, shape, and size of lesions, providing reliable evidence for emergency treatment.

In emergency treatment, the Perlove Medical multifunctional dynamic DR can provide doctors with clear, comprehensive, and accurate imaging information in a short time, helping to quickly locate lesions or injuries, and winning valuable time for saving patients’ lives. It is an indispensable tool in emergency rescue!


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