[Perlove Medical & Superb Medical Skills] Spine Endoscopy Simple Technique OMO Training Camp


Superb Medical Skills is a professional education institution for clinicians, which gradually solves the social problem of difficult medical treatment through efficient improvement of doctors’ medical skills. Through expert guidance, rich case drills, and more practical opportunities, it helps doctors go from knowing to doing, and efficiently empowering doctors to grow.

Due to the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, people’s gradual recognition and acceptance of minimally invasive surgery has made various minimally invasive techniques a development trend. With the incidence of orthopedic spine diseases-neck, thoracic, and lumbar spine increasing year by year, how to cure patients with the principle of minimal trauma with the same curative effect has become the direction for many physicians to think and make progress.

At the same time, doctors who can master this technique are needed everywhere. In order for the majority of primary doctors to truly learn minimally invasive spinal endoscopy techniques that are easy to master, the OMO Training Camp of Superb Medical Skills combines “online learning + offline simulation” according to the problems encountered by doctors in the clinic and learning needs. Mode. From December 3rd to December 12th, the OMO training camp “Spine Endoscopy Simple Technique” was launched.

Course highlights

  1. Develop our course content based on clinical issues to make teaching more targeted.
  1. Online learning theory and surgical ideas, more time offline for practical exercises, and a better grasp of surgical skills.
  1. The standardized surgical practice room with good medical skills is equipped with professional equipment and equipment, which can truly restore the surgical scene.
  2. Experts answer questions online, and follow the stage to guide offline, so that everyone does not make mistakes or make fewer mistakes.

5. Lead/teaching assistant will accompany you throughout the process.

In this training camp, Professor Zhang Xifeng, who was the first to develop spinal endoscopy in China, was invited as the main instructor to teach simple spinal endoscopy techniques. During the training camp, Director Zhang Xifeng and his team personally guided the trainees “one-to-one” through the spinal endoscopic transforaminal approach and spinal endoscopic translaminar approach under the guidance of universal medical imaging equipment Surgical skills.


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