Perlove Medical U-arm’s examination radiation can affect the patient how much?


Recently, a South Korean flight attendant died due to cosmic radiation work injury news triggered netizens to discuss, but also let more people began to pay attention to the life of those radiation risks, such as in the imaging department in the process of inspection will inevitably encounter X-ray radiation, these radiation in the end, how much harm will be done to the human body? The following X-ray machine manufacturer Perlove medical to answer for you.

First of all, most of the current equipment in the imaging department includes X-ray machines, now called “digital radiography”, referred to as DR; CT, that is, “computerized X-ray body scanning”; magnetic resonance, referred to as MRI. In addition, there are gastrointestinal machines, breast digital photography system, DSA, PET-CT and other equipment.

Digital Radiography (DR)-U-arm DR

Secondly, X-rays, CT, PET-CT and other such tests are ionizing radiation, and there are other tests such as single photon imaging, positron imaging, bone scanning and other tests belonging to less common nuclear medicine diagnostic and therapeutic means, which also produce ionizing radiation.

However, the amount of radiation is almost negligible. For example, a chest orthopantomogram is equivalent to the radiation produced by three or five security checks or a five-hour airplane ride. And all living things on earth, including humans, receive natural background radiation. Even if a person doesn’t go into a hospital for a year, he or she receives about 2-3 mSV of natural background radiation, which is roughly equivalent to having 100 ortho chest DR exams.

Therefore, we just need to be sure that the radiation involved in conducting medical diagnostic and treatment activities, the harm is within the controllable range, medical radiation for the purpose of diagnosis and treatment of diseases, the benefit for the examined person is much greater than the risk of possible harm to the human body.

PLX8600 DAP Dose Management System

As a manufacturer of X-ray machines, Perlove Medical has been working hard on research and development in the direction of “controlling equipment radiation and caring for the health of doctors and patients”. For example, the PLX8600 U-shaped arm DR launched by Perlove Medical in recent years, in addition to the large flat-panel configuration to realize one-time imaging without splicing, is also equipped with the DAP dose management system, which can display the cumulative radiation dose absorbed by the patient in a single examination, making it convenient for doctors to carry out radiation dose monitoring for the safety of patients with multiple follow-up visits.


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