Perlove Medical won the honorary title of “Excellent Anti-COVID-19 Enterprise”!



Chinese power helps easing the worldwide COVID-19

   Although the overall situation of the COVID-19 in China is easing, there is a trend of large outbreaks in the worldwide.As the backbone of medical equipment industry in China, Perlove Medical received the invitation to this exhibition by virtue of high-quality products.

   At this exhibition, we brought the most popular mobile DR with the highest shipments during this global pandemic. To fight against COVID-19, fast and accurate imaging diagnosis plays a key role. The imaging results are used to screen cases and continue to track patients’ conditions.

   The company’s presentations at the Ambassador Forum by Perlove Medical won the attention and recognition of many ambassadors.The Ambassador of Sri Lanka, the Ambassador of Mauritius, the Ambassador of Barbados, the Ambassador of Georgia Visited Perlove Medical booth to learn about products and discuss cooperation.

During the fight against COVID-19,Perlove Medical received a total of 219 urgent orders from 21 countries around the world, with a single order up to 215 units. We have participated in United Nations aid projects for many times and are the preferred supplier of United Nations COVID-19 prevention project .


Attentive after-sales service makes us trustworthy

   Perlove Medical has a complete after-sales service system that can meet different needs from various countries around the world. During the fight against COVID-19, we offered overseas after-sales service SOPs to provide overseas customers with one-stop solutions.

   In addition to the product installation videos and training manuals, customers can also use the online conference system to receive remote maintenance guidance or answer questions. When necessary, a third-party overseas service team can also provide on-site services.

   In order to better fight the COVID-19, Perlove Medical and all suppliers will work together to ensure sufficient equipment supply ! Perlove Medical,always with you!


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