Perlove Medical’s C-arm market penetration rate is increasing.


Medical imaging equipment is an important branch of the medical device industry, China’s hospitals at all levels have to purchase medical imaging equipment every year, the purchase amount accounts for about 1/20 of the annual income of the hospital, of which the C-arm X-ray machine as a basic equipment for X-ray imaging, is widely used in interventional radiology and orthopaedic surgery, its market penetration in recent years continues to improve, the average annual compound growth rate of more than 5.5%. Its market penetration rate has been increasing in recent years, with a compound annual growth rate of over 5.5%.

According to the “2021-2026 China C-Arm X-ray Machine Industry Segment Market Demand and Exploitation Opportunity Research Report” released by Xinsiye Industry Research Center, China’s C-Arm X-ray machine market is mainly occupied by PUAI, Siemens, GE, Philips, Ziehm, Wandong Dingli, Kanda Intercontinental, Lianyin and other enterprises, of which the three major brands, namely, Perlove , Siemens, and GE, account for a relatively high proportion of the total share of the three in China’s market, and the total share of the three in the market of the three is relatively high. The three brands of Perlove Medical, Siemens and GE account for a relatively high proportion of the market in China, with the total proportion of the three accounting for about 65%.

C-arm X-ray machine

Due to the short development time, there is still a certain gap between domestic C-arms and international brands in terms of innovation degree, innovation frequency, professional personnel training, product performance, etc., and this gap is narrowing day by day.

C-arm X-ray machine, in the whole medical equipment industry belongs to the high-tech, high value-added optical mechatronics products. The manufacturing of this product after years of precipitation and year by year to improve the quality management system, technical team development and construction, coupled with the State Drug Administration CQC Center and the mandatory management of the relevant departments to make the industry barriers continue to increase, the technical level of domestic C-arm products are constantly improving.

In some emerging economies, such as Russia, Brazil, India, South Africa, as well as Southeast Asia, the Middle East and other regions, China-made C-arm X-ray machine’s export share is rapidly increasing, domestic C-arm manufacturers can look forward to the future!

At the same time, the domestic market structure of radiological imaging equipment is also quietly changing. With the rapid development of grass-roots hospitals, specialty hospitals, private hospitals, the purchase of C-arms will gradually tend to be rational, cost-effective products and functional ease of use, will become the focus of its attention.

Large Flated panel integrated C-arm PLX119C

In recent years, C-arms have been gradually updated and iterated, with miniaturization, portability, visualization, automation, and high precision becoming their development trends. Domestic C-arm manufacturers Perlove medical, from the demand for clinical convenience, launched a large flat integrated C-arm PLX119C. the device adopts a one-piece rack design, covers an area of only 1 square meters, to adapt to a variety of crowded and complex surgical environments, to save surgical space; with a standby function of power failure, so that the machine is still in standby after the equipment is unplugged from the power supply, so that after transferring the power supply to the other operating room can be immediately returned to normal use, saving the re-switching of the power. In addition, the large flat C-arm PLX119C also has many highlights such as touch operation screen, pluggable filter grids, bidirectional laser positioning, automatic hovering, etc., which is favored by hospitals at all levels.


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