Perlove Medical’s High-Power 3D C-Arm Provides Precise Intraoperative Solutions


High-Power 3D C-Arm

In the field of clinical orthopedics, complex and difficult surgeries are increasing. With the development of minimally invasive and precise surgery, the importance of intraoperative image positioning is becoming more prominent. The emergence of the PLX high-power 3D C-arm provides an effective solution for real-time accurate intraoperative positioning, significantly reduces operating errors, meets the needs of fine surgery, and is applicable to a number of clinical departments.

Orthopedic Applications

In the field of orthopedics, high-power 3D C-arm technology shines. Compared with traditional 2D C-arms, 3D C-arms can not only capture 2D images but also perform intraoperative CT scans, providing more accurate intraoperative imaging information. This advancement helps doctors plan the path of the implant more scientifically and rationally, improving the success rate of the surgery. Post-operatively, the 3D C-arm can also scan the patient in the operating room, helping the surgeon more accurately assess the outcome of the surgery and significantly reducing the need for a second revision surgery. Additionally, the use of 3D images reduces radiation exposure for both the surgeon and the patient.

In spinal deformity correction surgery, intraoperative 3D images and special tomography images clearly demonstrate the position of the pedicle pins in relation to the inner and outer edges of the pedicle. This allows the surgeon to better assess the surgical outcome in the operating room, minimizing the need for secondary revision surgery.

Respiratory Intervention

In addition to orthopedics, the high-power 3D C-arm also shows great potential in the field of respiratory intervention. It can help doctors complete precise positioning and resection of lung nodules, avoiding the need for patients to transfer between the CT room and the operating room, which reduces patient pain and significantly lowers the chance of complications such as bleeding and pneumothorax. In terms of percutaneous invasive puncture biopsy, 3D C-arm guided bronchoscopy can increase the diagnostic success rate to 90%, compared to only about 50% without real-time image guidance.

Surgical Robot Applications

Combined with a surgical robot, the high-power 3D C-arm delivers sub-millimeter accuracy and plays an important role in complex surgeries. It can provide real-time intraoperative 3D image registration for the surgical robot, assist the surgical robot in surgical path planning, and play the dual roles of map positioning and effect checking in surgery, making the surgical execution more accurate and the assessment of surgical effect more guaranteed.

By visualizing traditional surgeries, the 3D C-arm + Surgical Robot System can significantly shorten the learning curve of complex surgeries for young surgeons. With the help of intraoperative CT images scanned by the 3D C-arm, young doctors can improve the precision of surgical operations and quickly enhance their ability to deal with complex surgeries independently.

Technological Advancements and Market Position

Currently, China’s C-arm technology has matured, with both domestic and imported brands showing significant advancements. However, only a few manufacturers worldwide have mastered C-arm intraoperative 3D imaging technology. As an enterprise dedicated to the orthopedic field for twenty-one years, Perlove Medical has been leading the industry in the domestic market share of C-arms for many years. It is the first manufacturer in China to provide self-developed three-dimensional imaging and orthopedic surgical robotics solutions for the entire process.

Perlove Medical’s self-developed high-power 3D C-arm, the PLX C7600, features a large flat plate of 30cm x 30cm, with a broad field of view that can cover the entire lumbar spine or the entire pelvis. In clinical use, a single exposure can be localized to the surgical site, greatly improving the efficiency of surgery. Equipped with a 25kW high-power, high main inverter frequency generator, it can provide abundant high-quality rays to meet the requirements of various parts of the shooting. Even for obese patients, it can also provide clear imaging.


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