Perlove Medical’s Mobile C-arm once again entered the first-class hospital!


Mobile C-arm settled in Mudanjiang

In March, the snow in Mudan River gradually melts. With the breath of early spring, two high-frequency mobile C-arms of Perlove Medical have entered Mudanjiang Forestry Central Hospital in Heilongjiang Province, injecting the power of Chinese intelligence to protect the health of the people in Mudanjiang.

Mudanjiang Forestry Central Hospital was founded in 1950. It is a national first-class hospital integrating medical treatment, teaching and scientific research. As the Second Affiliated Hospital of Mudanjiang Medical College, the hospital undertakes the teaching, internship and training tasks of Mudanjiang Medical College. It also undertakes the task of disease prevention and treatment for the masses of Mudanjiang Forest District and Mudanjiang City. The high frequency mobile C-arm of Perlove Medical has injected new scientific and technological strength into the hospital, which can better meet the clinical needs of the hospital!

Details are more attentive and service is warmer

Perlove medical after-sales service engineers for on-site installation and commissioning.

In order to ensure that the machine can be put into use as soon as possible, after-sales service engineers installed and adjusted until midnight.

After the installation and commissioning, the engineer carefully trained the operator on the operation process and matters for attention.

After careful and detailed inspection and acceptance of the whole machine, two high-frequency mobile C-arms of Perlove Medical were formally put into use.

C-arm industry leader with ingenuity casting quality

As the national standard setting unit of medical X-ray machines, Perlove Medical has been occupying the first place in the domestic market for more than ten consecutive years. The mobile C-arm was recognized by doctors at Mudanjiang Forestry Central Hospital for its clear image quality and convenient clinical operation.

We firmly believe that through the unremitting efforts of the Perlover, we will be able to let more patients enjoy high-quality medical imaging equipment. Tech contributes health, Perlove is always on the way!


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