Perlove Mobile C-arm System installed in Peru


Perlove Medical is a large scale and influential manufacturer of medical equipment in China. Years of efforts and hard working in research and development of medical equipment has achieved remarkable results. Our own developed products have proved to be very popular with our customers and gotten approved by authorities in medical industry.

Recently, our High Frequency Mobile C-arm System installed in Peru and successfully assisted an orthopedic surgery! This elderly female patient suffered a shoulder blade fracture from a fall. In order to help the patient relieve the pain and recover faster, the doctor decided to perform an operation on her.

They successfully completed this operation under the guidance of Perlove Medical High Frequency Mobile C-arm System. And the surgical team gave a high evaluation of the imaging effect of this machine, ‘The high-definition imaging effect is very good! It helps us accurately locate!’.

Perlove Medical’s High Frequency Mobile C-arm System has attractive design, compact appearance, low dose and clear image. It is an ideal device for orthopedics, plastic surgery, neurosurgery and emergency department of hospitals at all levels.

In addition to this product, we would like to recommend our Mobile Digital FPD C-arm System to you.

Advanced digital image technology with humanized design
• Hand controller on C-arm stand controls the mechanical and collimator movement, improves your work flow even you are away from the unit
• RCDP – rapid calculate display platform GPU-based dynamic real-time image processing technology makes it easy to get sharp image of various body parts.

Friendly user interface
Human graphic LCD touch-screen with accurate APR parameters setting realizes convenient operation.

•Seamless connection with cloud PACS system for information sharing and remote diagnosing.

•Remote maintenance.

•Self-diagnosis with error-code displaying

Lower dose Sharper image

•Digital pulse mode to ensure lower dose and sharper image.

•Intelligent variable-frequency pulse technology ensures high quality X-ray at efficient dose.

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As a culture of Perlove Medical, we respect human’s life and health. Our major idea of designing is to provide safe medical devices with perfect functions. Perlove, World of Love. We will always cherish your life and care about your health.


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