Perlove PLD7300D has been successfully completed in Bangladesh


Recently, our PLD7300D High Frequency Digital Radiography System was successfully installed in Bangladesh hospitals. This is not the first installation. This product has also been installed in many other countries before, which is enough to show that everyone loves our product and that this product does have many advantages, which are enough to impress customers.

Let me give you a detailed introduction to this popular product  PLD7300D High Frequency Digital Radiography System today.

1 Applications

It can be in radiology department, orthopedics department, wards, emergency room, operating room, ICU and other departments. Easy operation, high efficiency to meet the radiography for all of human body’s parts, such as head, limbs,chest, spine, lumbar vertebrae, abdomen, etc. Especially for the chest.

Flexible projection angle

Flexible bed system can achieve the conventional lying position,standing radiography, but also achieve the portable flat panel detector wheelchair radiography, stretcher radiography and other special posture radiography.

3 High-definition images

4 Economic flat panel detector DR, specially used in Primary Hospital,Clinic,Medical Center.
High Frequency Digital Radiography System

Digital system for different anatomic regions, such as head,chest,abdomen,limbs etc.

World-class flat panel detector technology

High-quality portable flat panel detector can bring high definition images and provide good security and reliability

Are you interested a lot in it? Do you know how many hospitals are loving it? Much favor is here for you!


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