Perlove Surgical C Arm With Standby Mode, Easy to Move Around, Helps Improve Work Efficiency


PLX 118F-Plus is suitable for PLX 118F-Plus is suitable for orthopedic surgeries

For orthopedic surgeries: PLX118C Series C Arm provides clear images for orthopedic surgery, improving efficiency and safety of common orthopedic surgeries such as osteopathy, reduction, and nailing.

For joint surgery: PLX118C Series C Arm can be applied to vertebroplasty, elbow, hip, knee joint replacement and anatomical reduction. It helps doctors to accurately place the prosthesis, shorten the operation time and improve the operation efficiency.

Features Of PLX118C Series Surgical C Arm

PLX118C Series Surgical C Arm adopts an integrated structural design, help doctors get rid of the shackles of workstations and cables. This makes the movement of equipment more flexible and portable, enabling a single person to easily operate the machine. This also avoids security risks and expensive maintenance costs caused by messy cables.

PLX118C Series C Arm is equipped with a power-saving function when there is no internet connection or power. When the power is unplugged, the machine enters standby mode. When the power is connected in standby mode, the device can immediately return to normal use without the need for a long wait for a startup.

These two features enable c arm’s quick transitions to other operating rooms and allow for the rapid initiation of the next surgery. The minimal delay in between improves work efficiency and facilitates the handling of various emergency situations.

How can you know if PLX118C Series Surgical C Arm is right for you to buy?

If the space is limited, such as in a crowded operating room, or if there is limited space for equipment to be moved around, then a machine with a compact, all-in-one design may be more suitable. This is because such a machine can better adapt to complex environments due to its small size.

If the equipment needs to be shared between multiple operating rooms, then a machine with an all-in-one design is recommended. This is because such a machine is easier to move around and can be transferred without needing to turn it off and on, thanks to the power-saving standby function. This can improve the efficiency of transferring c arm between operating rooms.

If you have problems finding the right surgical c-arm, contact Perlove right now! Our c arm experts will get back to you as soon as possible with the best advice.


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