Perlove VR showroom offers an innovative 3D product experience


In order to showcase products and services better and offer visitors a better experience,Perlove made a lot of efforts to design and build our  showroom .

Our Perlove showroom covers approximately 1000 square meters and can hold 400 people at one time.It is a multifunctional showroom which integrates exhibition,rest and entertainment.

In  Perlove showroom ,you can see our Surgical C-arm System, DRF, Radiography,Mammography System, Dental Cone Beam CT and Veterinary Products.

Due to the breakout of COVID-19,large numbers of visitors cannot have access to our machines and showroom as before. So, in order to make our showroom available to more people,our brand new VR Showroom has already come out!

The high-definition, interactive showroom that uses the immersive power of virtual reality to offer an innovative 3D product experience. Also,showcasing products in virtual reality gives visitors the ability to discover and engage with entire product range in a virtual space of our choosing. That’s how our VR showroom works!

Then I will show you how to make the full use of our VR showroom.(The link is at the end of article.)

Scene 1:

Clink the link and you will see the picture below. What you need to do is to click the magnifying glass icon(with text“showroom”)to proceed.

Scene 2:

Then we are at the showroom. If you need guidance or don’t want to click one by one,then click the first“play”icon in the bottom left corner, then VR showroom will automatically show you all the details,including the parameters and operating mode of machines,the introduction of company  and so on…

Scene 3

If you wanna explore the showroom by yourself, then you only need to remember that you will get relevant information by pointing at the blue light-spot.  just like the pictures below, there are various ways (texts,videos and music)to give you full-scale and visualized impression.

Scene 4

If you wanna know more about VR showroom’s plan and 3D stereogram ,the click the icon below(fourth and fifth icon in the bottom left corner,). Then you will get relevant data and have a general idea.

All above is the brief introduction of VR showroom and only through trying it for yourself can you really feel the convenience of VR showroom.

Click the link below to try it for yourself!


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