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At the beginning of 2020, a sudden Corona-virus has ravaged the whole world, and the international community is facing a public health emergency in highest transmission speed, the widest range of infections, and hardest control.

  The Spring Festival in 2020 is unusual, and it will be unforgettable for the Perlovers who are fighting on the front line of the Corona-virus. Under the Corona-virus situation, rapid and accurate imaging diagnosis plays a key role. Its imaging results are an important basis for screening cases and continuing to track the development of patients’conditions. As a major domestic medical imaging equipment company and the National Development and Reform Commission’s strategic material reserve During the epidemic period, the company was listed as one of the 19 key supply companies that resumed production in advance in Nanjing. We have the responsibility to fully cooperate with the national epidemic prevention and control to ensure the supply of equipment. On this most important festival for the Chinese people, Perlovers gave up their small family and protect everyone, rushing to the forefront of the fight against the Corona-virus. In order to provide timely mobile X-ray machines, DR and other equipment for anti-Corona-virus use at home and abroad, we have overcome many difficulties and overcome all kinds of impossible until the Corona-virus is alleviated.

“Provide 50 units in 24 hours”, “Less than 6 hours of sleep in 2 days”, “Drive 2636 kilometers in 3 days”…

We don’t care how many records are broken; we care how much medical care on the frontline has been accurately assisted! We have never thought of creating any so-called results, because the real results are to make the epidemic retreat and let the people no longer be threatened by the epidemic!

  Perlove Medical has produced nearly 2,000 sets of medical equipment as the end of the May. In the Chinese market, we have delivered more than 600 units and dispatch 45 engineers to the forefront. Considering the severe epidemic situation in Wuhan, We dispatch 16 engineers to there and complete the installation and training services of 20 hospitals, guarantee the timely medical equipment supplier for the anti-epidemic hospitals such as Wuhan FangCang hospitals. As the spread of epidemic, we have received a total of 163 urgent orders from 11 countries around the world. The maximum order quantity is more than 200 units. With such a shortage of resources and high-load production, we are still doing our best and provide help. The responsibility of health and harmony is on the shoulders of Prelove, we are always on the way!

  The fight against of epidemic has not ended yet, and epidemic prevention and control are becoming Normalize. The National Development and Reform Commission has issued 45.66 billion RMB investment in the central health sector to store large quantities of rescue equipment and comprehensively improve the county’s medical and health service capabilities. WHO call on all countries to consistently adopt “all government, all society” measures to prevent and control in advance. Perlove Medical insists on mission and continuously improves our product performance. Lots of products got CE certificates and have entered the stage of stocking; we are ready to make contributions to the second half of the anti-epidemic

  Perlove Medical , Specialized in X-ray smart making.


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