Perlove with The 3rd China International Import Expo


In the golden autumn, Shanghai once again gathers global products, global services, global wisdom and global eyes. From November 4th to November 10th, the third China International Import Expo successfully opened in Shanghai as scheduled.

Because of the spread of COVID-19, the drastic changes in the global economic and political landscape and the superposition of many unstable factors, the third CIIE is particularly special. After all the variables and challenges, the CIIE finally came as scheduled, which in itself demonstrated a kind of ability and determination: under the conditions of normal epidemic prevention and control, China and Shanghai have the ability to coordinate epidemic prevention; under the environment of increasing external shock pressure , China and Shanghai have a firm determination to open up.

Nearly 50 Fortune 500 companies and industry-leading companies participate for the first time this year. Dozens of companies have signed contracts for the next three sessions. These include many of our customers. They speak highly of our anti-epidemic behavior. And they say that we are a company with a sense of social responsibility and cooperating with us let them feel very safe and reliable. We participate in the CIIE as well. In the process, we communicate happily with leaders and government officials from various countries and show them our More Flexible and Smart Brand NEW Bigger Power DR System. They are very interested and claimed that they will recommend our company and products to their countries.

As a company which is striving for medical tech, we have always adhered to the concept of using technology to contribute to health. We firmly believe that as long as we persist, one day we can achieve Perlove, World of Love!


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