Perlove’s first regional interventional training base (Yushu Station) officially unveiled


Perlove medical joint major hospital intervention expert team, universities founded the “intervention thousand miles” intervention training courses, has gone through four years of spring and fall. The interventional training course has witnessed the growth of more than 500 students and provided advanced interventional diagnostic and treatment equipment for more than a thousand hospitals.

From March 15 to 17, 2024, the first stop of Perlove medical interventional training course in the region entered Changchun, Jilin, and more than 40 interventional colleagues from the northeast region participated in this training.

The inauguration ceremony of the interventional training base (Yushu Station) was held in Yushu Maternal and Child Healthcare Hospital. The establishment of the base marked the first step of PUMA’s precise empowerment strategy from center to region. Going deep into the cities and counties, approaching the clinical front line, and bringing the advanced concepts and technologies of interventional medicine to the grassroots is the embodiment of Perlove’s firm belief in “deep plowing intervention and precise empowerment”.

Practical Case Sharing and Promotion of Colleagues’ Exchange and Improvement

Yushu Maternal and Child Health Hospital, as an important service pilot of Perlove Medical in the northeast region, has carried out more than 3,000 interventional procedures and nearly 30 malignant tumor projects since the introduction of Perlove Medical’s mobile tablet interventional C in 2018, demonstrating its strong medical strength and professional level.

From the introduction of intelligent equipment to clinical practice skills, the lecturer and the participants had an in-depth exchange and discussion on the popularization and development of local interventional medicine.

Interventional Surgery Observation Immersive Scene Teaching

The lag of hardware equipment can be compensated by equipment update, but the delay of medical skill improvement may bring irreparable loss to patients, therefore, this training course pays special attention to the sharing of practical experience. on March 16th, through the observation of four interventional surgeries, including HAIC treatment for liver cancer, HAIC treatment for lung cancer, HAIC treatment for bladder cancer, and gynecological interventional surgery, the trainees have mastered the use of imaging equipment, catheter guidewire entry technique, and the use of the imaging equipment more intuitively. The trainees mastered more intuitively the use of imaging equipment, catheter guidewire entry skills, targeted perfusion of drugs in the lesion site and other key points, completing an immersive learning.

Perlove medical intervention training base (Yushu station) will continue to promote the medical and technical exchanges in the neighboring regions, injecting new impetus for the development of regional interventional medicine. Perlove will also continue to uphold the concept of “deep plowing intervention and precise empowerment” to provide more primary medical institutions with high-quality skills enhancement services and equipment support, and to promote the vigorous development of medical care.


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