PLD7900D digital motion xray sysytem online new product recommendation meeting


 Last week, we held a new product recommendation meeting for PLD7900D digital motion xray  online, which was well received by customers;Let’s look back at the wonderful moments~


Today, let me introduce this product to you in detail,Why choose Digital Motion X-ray?

What is digital motion X-ray FPD?

● Capable of digital radiography, digital fluoroscopy and digital angiography.                  

● A technique for analyzing dynamic changes based on the transmittance of X-rays.
● Enables clinicians to observe the dynamic motion of anatomical structures over time, enhancingdiagnostic capabilities.

Advantages compared with static X-ray

● Digital motion x-ray use leading edge tecnology inmaking detailed and real time images than staticimages.
● Evaluate the patiens’ condition or recovery effectivelyby observing the dynamic changes of organ function.

One for all

Clinical Applications

Radiography Center

Health Examination Center

orthopedics and Trauma




Outstanding radiography & fluoroscopy performance

Digital radiography

General radiography, high kv radiography, oblique position radiography.

Digital fluoroscopy

Chest and abdominal fluoroscopy, foreign body localization and removal.

Digital angiography

Esophagogram, intravenous pyelography,T-tube cholangiogram, salpingography.

Digital spot imaging(DSI)

Spot imaging in milliseconds, high definition image acquisition to accurately target the lesions.

Perlove Medical is always devoting to develop innovative products with the latest healthcare technology.

  Your insights really helped us understand what customer care about. Getting first-hand customer experience and feedback is priceless for us, so thank you so much for supporting us become more excellent.We will keep on going.

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