PLX8600 High Frequency Digital Radiography System——ONE FOR ALL BIGGER THAN BEFORE


Perlove medical has recently launched the new Dynamic Digital Radiography/Fluoroscopy System——PLX8600. It is more flexible and efficient that provides larger image as well as more smart functions.

Full spine in one image No additional stitching operation

Double the view in equal radiation

The 17″*34″ large view FPD, which is twice as big as 17’’*17’’ panel on the market, can obtain an image without further stitching.

Thanks to rapid exposure of PLX8600 large view dynamic FPD DR system, patients are able to finish the examination faster, and receive only 1/2 or 1/3 radiation of the conventional DR requiring multiple stitching in a single exposure.

One for all Extra-large view for radiography/fluoroscopy

More function and easy operation

Apart from radiography, larger FPD also supports dynamic fluoroscopy and DSI. Through dynamic fluoroscopy as well as DSI, PLX8600 is able to observe the lesion in complex body parts, locate the key frame effectively as well as enormously reduce the repeat rate of radiography.

100kW High power generator/large heat capacity/long standby time

No appointment required, walk-in radiography

The maximum heat capacity of X-ray tube reaches to 1.8MHU, which ensures a long standby time for continuous workflow regardless of radiography or fluoroscopy.

Intelligent parameter turning + smart dose control

Smart sensor, liberate your hands

The AEC ionized chamber ensures automatic parameter modulation based on different body thickness, whenever the auto mode is on, no manual adjustment required by radiologists.

With the DAP dose monitor program, PLX8600 large view dynamic FPD radiography systems able to present patient’s cumulative dose in a single exposure, easy for radiologists to safely oversee radiation of frequent-visit patients.

Dose reduced, sharpness remained illness has no place to hide

Crystal clear image with abundant layers

PLX8600 large view dynamic FPD radiography system is able to achieve images in both standing and recumbent position with extraordinary quality. With a self-developed image equalized processing program, it provides a better balanced image for the tissue thickness of different body parts. More field of view, more clear image, more abundant layers.

Innovation and breakthrough, only for clinical. Perlove medical is committed to providing patients with more high-quality medical equipments and more optimized clinical solutions to protect every equal and precious life.


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