Realization of DR whole spine imaging Choice of multi-image stitching or one-shot imaging?


For orthopedic diseases such as scoliosis, osteoarthritis, etc., DR examination is often needed as the main basis for diagnosis and treatment of lesions. It is important to take a full spine X-ray image including cervical, thoracic, and lumbar vertebrae in order to assess the status of the spine. X-rays of only half of the spine will only show part of the spine, which is not convenient for the doctor to make a judgment.

DR commonly used flat-panel detector specifications are mostly 17×17 inches (about 43×43 cm), while the normal length of the whole spine in adults is about 60 cm, and the whole lower limbs are even longer, so the conventional DR can not show the whole shape of the whole spine and the whole lower limbs.

Large flat-panel DR for whole spine imaging

In order to realize the effect of full spine imaging by DR, the industry mostly adopts DR equipment with the function of automatic splicing of long bones, i.e., several overlapping images are spliced together to form a large seamless high-resolution image.

However, it is undeniable that this method requires multiple exposures of the patient, which not only prolongs the shooting time and radiation dose, but also exposes a larger range of radiation, making it more difficult to protect non-shooting areas. As a result, a large flat-panel DR capable of realizing one-time imaging without splicing came into being.

PLX8600 is a large-field dynamic flat-panel DR independently developed by Perlove Medical, which adopts an effective field of view of 17″*34” and can produce a full spine image in one exposure. This not only eliminates misalignment errors at the splices, but also avoids image gaps and distortions, clearly restores the joint structure, and also reduces radiation intake due to multiple shots, improving filming efficiency.

Flat-panel dynamic DRPLX8600 one-board imaging

As can be seen from the following, in terms of realizing full spine imaging with DR, the Large Field of View flat-panel DR is superior to the ordinary DR with automatic splicing of multiple images in all aspects.


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