Respect to all the medical staff and relative workers


The year of 2020 will be an unforgettable year for all the Chinese in the world. The novel coronavirus, which originated in the Chinese city of Wuhan and has now spread to twenty-odd countries around the world and can be spread by droplets from coughs and sneezes. As the main domestic medical imaging device manufacturer, Perlove Medical has an unshirkable responsibility in this battle against the NCP (Novel coronavirus pneumonia).

Since the breakout of NCP before lunar new year, Perlove Medical arranged production staff to work overtime, organized commissioning, acceptance and loading,  and clarified the division of responsibilities, so as to ensure the normal operation of existing equipment, ensure the equipment to work at the fastest speed, ensure the safety of end users, and provide 24-hour remote online technical support for Medical institutions. Perlove Medical fully cooperates with the national epidemic prevention and control to ensure adequate equipment supply and contribute to the containment of the epidemic.

Perlove Medical has stable quality, complete supply chain and experienced after-sales service team to create miracles and benefit patients.

The 2019-nCoV brought pain and misfortune; however, all the Chinese are very strong, and will face this difficulty with courage and determination. This time, all the Chinese come together again to fight for this 2019-nCoV pneumonia. The victory must be not far!


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