——PLX118C Mobile Digital FPD C arm machine


New integrated design

The integrated design of C arm machineand workstation, compact frame structure, small space occupation,flexible and light movement. It can be operated by a single person and is suitable to use in crowded operating rooms, saving operating room space and facilitating doctore’ clinical operations.

Less is more

Always remind safety through the exposure status indicator.

More flexibility, More possibilities

  • Indifferent equilibrium design

The C arm machine frame can be hovered at any angle in the unlocked state to ensure safe and stable operation of the equipment.

Sharp in every image, Care for every clinicians

  • Dynamic flat panel detector

Equipped with a flat panel detector, output grayscale l6bit, high DQE, low noise, dynamic range promotion, superior imaging performance, clear images, and meet various clinical examination needs.

  • High frequency invertertechnology

The ray waveform is a rectangular wave with low scattered rays,which prevents the generation of soft rays from the source, ensures the ray dose control, and effectively cares for the health of doctors and patients.

  • With low dose mode

The machine is set with low-dose exposure parameters to strictly control unnecessary radiat-ion dose.C arm machine

  • Virtual collimators

The virtual collimators design can realize the adjustment of the size of the exposure range to red-uce theradiation caused by repeated clinical exposure in a wireless state.And automatically adjust the size and location of the image interest area, using the automatic mode is more accurate.

  • Pluggable grid C arm machine

The pluggable design of the grid complies with national industry standards and is used in pedi-atrics and other dose-sensitive applications.Easy to use, while ensuring clear images, it can effectively protect against radiation hazards.

  • lntelligent frequency conversion technology C arm machine

Automatically adjust the image frame rate according to the body part and the radiation dose to reduce the radiation does while ensuring the image quality.


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