Spinal surgery solution—Digital Intraoperative Mobile 3D C-arm System Radiography Machine


The 3D C-arm, also known as the orthopaedic mobile 3D C-arm, is an upgraded version of the C-arm that combines traditional 2D and “CT-like mode” to quickly generate cross-sectional, sagittal and coronal tomographic and 3D images during surgery, providing the operator with a more comprehensive viewing angle and more accurate judgement of bone tissue and implants, providing a more comprehensive view and a more accurate determination of bone tissue and implants for surgical performance. Since its launch in 2021, Perlove Medical Flatbed 3D C-Arm “Skybow” PLX7500 has brought a new and intelligent experience to doctors and patients who use it.

An Patient Case: Female, 56 years old, L5/S1 disc decompression + nail rod fixation

The patient had lower back pain and limited movement, accompanied by pain in the left lower limb for 5 years. The pain worsened with prolonged standing or bending work, and was relieved by bed rest, which worsened in the last month.

Preoperative MRI images of the patient

Preoperative MRI images of the patient

3D C-arm pose and pre-surgical 2D images

Imaging-guided insertion of a medical screw in the L5/S1 pedicle

Intraoperative generation of cross-sectional, sagittal and coronal tomographic images and 3D stereoscopic images

As the second lifeline of the body, the spine is the central axis of the human trunk, the nerve conduction hub, and is surrounded by complex nerves and blood vessels, making the complexity and risk of clinical surgery more demanding in terms of pre and post-operative imaging, surgical equipment, operator experience and operating techniques. Traditional spinal surgery relies heavily on the surgeon’s clinical experience and intraoperative scans, which can be traumatic and slow to recover from surgery. Perlove Medical’s latest smart Surgical Navigation Robot will be released soon!

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