Could you accept an Spine intelligent robot to operate on your spine?Would you be afraid?


The Second Affiliated Hospital of Nanjing Medical University has successfully completed 50 surgeries as of 1 September using Perlove Medical Spine Intelligent Robot, which has the advantages of small incision, less bleeding, less damage, accurate positioning, fast recovery, and good therapeutic effect, which has brought gospel to the majority of patients.

Perlove Medical Spine Intelligent Robot-Assisted Surgery

Let spine intelligent robots move the knife on your body and operate on you, do you dare to accept it?

First of all, we have to understand that spine intelligent robots are not artificial intelligence, it is just a tool, spine intelligent robotic surgery is actually an spine surgeon through the control of the robot to carry out surgery for the patient, so the leading role is still the doctor.

The full name of robotic surgery should be “robot-assisted surgery”, is the doctor through the robot-assisted system to complete the surgery, the operation of the manipulator, the leading man, and even every minute of every moment of the action, are completed by the surgeon, not the machine. Can make an analogy, the robot in orthopaedic surgery, is actually equivalent to the doctor’s extended arm, the doctor is through this extended arm, to better complete the operation.

Spine intelligent robot is to assist the doctor to better complete spine surgery, rather than replace the doctor for surgery!

During surgery, the surgical plan formulated by the surgeon is accurately and precisely delivered by the robot in real time and synchronised to the surgical tools that will enter the patient’s body. The surgeon must undergo a systematic and rigorous operational training and pass an assessment before being qualified to use the robot as an assistant. What’s more, the robot will continuously conduct safety self-tests to ensure safe and reliable operation.

The Perlove Medical Spine Intelligent Robot is specially researched and manufactured for spinal surgery navigation and positioning and operation. With its accuracy and safety, it reduces the risk of spinal surgery and minimises the area of surgical trauma.

Spine robot-assisted preoperative imaging
Preoperative surgical programme planning for spine robot-assisted surgery
Spine robot-assisted intraoperative implant placement
Implantation effect check

Perlove Medical Spine Intelligent Robot Assisted Lumbar Posterior Scoliosis Spine Surgery In Perlove Medical Spine Intelligent Robot Assisted Surgery, the Perlove Medical Spine Intelligent Robot usually advances the patient’s 3D C-Arm Scan, analyses and processes the image data, and combines it with the real-time intra-operative situation to determine the location of the nails, The Perlove Medical Spine Intelligence Robot analyses and processes the image data in advance and, in combination with the real-time intraoperative situation, determines the position and depth of the nails to be driven, providing a precise surgical path for the surgeon. Under the guidance of the visual image, the surgeon operates the robot arm to “nail” the patient’s spine in a minimally invasive way, resulting in smaller incisions, less damage, less bleeding, and faster post-operative recovery.


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