Spine Knowledge Lecture 4: How to avoid spine damage in daily life?


Today, I would like to talk with you about which habitual movements or postures in daily life can cause damage to our spine? Our spine determines the quality of our life, so we must treat it well, how to protect our spine from damage in life? Let me tell you from top to bottom:

01. Cervical spine

Our cervical spine has a back extension. If we keep it in a forward flexion state, it will be easily damaged.

Think about it, when did our cervical spine bend forward? For example, looking down at the mobile phone for a long time, reading books and newspapers, in fact, will have adverse effects on the cervical spine. Some office workers do not prepare a lunch break bed for themselves. If they want to rest for a while at noon, they will lie on the table. This is also not good for our cervical spine.

02. Lumbar spine

Another area that is prone to injury is the lumbar spine. The lumbar spine is a relatively heavy load-bearing part, so we should try to avoid any movements that exert a large load on the lumbar spine.

◆ First, long station

◆ Second, sedentary

◆ Third, bending over for a long time. Bending over to lift heavy objects is even more dangerous and will aggravate the damage to our spine.

In addition, some movements can also cause spinal injuries. For example, many people ignore some actions that are easy to cause the pelvis to tilt forward, which will change the force line of the spine and cause spinal injury, such as: wearing high heels, tilting Erlang’s legs, etc. These actions mentioned by Dr. Wang above are recommended to be avoided as much as possible.


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