Strategic cooperation between Perlove Medical & Superb Medical Technology brand


Signing ceremony of brand strategic cooperation

On October 22, the signing ceremony of strategic cooperation between Perlove Medical & Superb Medical Technology brand was grandly held in Superb Medical Technology’s Nanjing training base. Leaders of two brand attended the signing ceremony.

Superb Medical Technology—-A medical school without walls

Superb Medical Technology is a professional education institution for clinicians. It has a mature teaching system for licensed doctors by both online and offline practice. It invites world-renowned medical experts to the platform for teaching, so that doctors all over the world can obtain cutting-edge medical and surgical knowledge on it. It promotes the global advanced medical technologies’ communication. Superb Medical Technology has helped more than 400000 doctors improve their medical skills.

A large number of surgical operation training in the base has strict requirements for imaging equipment. In order to help the training course carry out smoothly and help more doctors improve their skills, Perlove Medical has provided a variety of C-arms for the base and helped them carry out more than 30 orthopedic training camps, covering nearly 40 experts and 1500 students.

Perlove Medical—-A senior medical imaging enterprise

Perlove Medical has been deeply engaged in the field of medical imaging for 18 years. We have always adhered to independent research and development, scientific and technological innovation, close to clinic, and provided high-quality imaging products. Perlove Medical has provided service for many medical institutions abroad. Our C-arm has assisted many experts and students in surgical practice in Superb Medical Technology’s training base.

Perlove Medical and Superb Medical Technology both uphold complementary advantages to help medical developments. Two brands will carry out more cooperation and strive to build a new platform to improve the level of medical technology!


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