Strict in products quality, keep the enterprise lifeline


September 2021 is the 44th quality month in China. Focusing on the theme of “improving the implementation system and strengthening quality construction”, Perlove Medical actively organized employees to participate in series activities.


Detection rate competition

By setting fault points on site and assessing the employees’ mastery of quality management system, Perlove employees give full play to their “golden eyes” and strive not to miss every fault point. Through on-site competition, the participants also had a deeper understanding of the importance of safety production.


Quality knowledge competition

Improve quality awareness and consolidate quality foundation are important. The quality knowledge competition comprehensively popularizes quality knowledge to people through written examination, on-site Q & A, rush answer and other forms. After three rounds of intense competition, the three winners finally came to the fore.


Theme essay

Our staff actively participate in the theme essay solicitation activities, spread quality stories, and carry forward the value orientation and spirit of the times of pursuing excellence and advocating quality.


Quality failure cases display

Every detail of production is very important to the quality of the final product. The quality department made display board for sharing and learning due to bad incoming materials and typical quality problems in the production process. It helps people carefully analyze the problems in failure cases.

Adhere to quality and ingenuity. Perlove Medical will continue to carry out in-depth quality improvement actions to consolidate the cornerstone of quality and establish a quality benchmark!


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