Striving Together Winning the Future — Perlove Medical Core Supplier Convention is grandly held!


Spring in March, gather in Perlove. On the afternoon of March 18th, the core supplier conference of Perlove Medical was held grandly at the headquarters of Perlove Medical with the theme of “Striving Together • Winning the Future”. The company’s senior management and department heads attended the meeting and gathered together with more than 100 representatives of core suppliers from all over the country to draw the development blueprint.

Opening: Seize the opportunity to face the future

The year of 2020 is an extraordinary year. Influenced by the global COVID-19 epidemic, the global economy has been severely hit. Perlove Medical is poised in the face of crisis, braving the wind and waves and developing steadily. The rapid development of Perlove Medical is inseparable from the strong support of core suppliers and high-quality partners. Mr. Liu Jinhu, Chairman of Perlove Medical, expressed his sincere thanks to the participating suppliers.

Together: Create a “Win-win Ecosphere”

As a medical device enterprise related to life and health, the pursuit of high-quality products has always been the goal of Perlove Medical. The control of raw materials is particularly strict on supply. With the strong support of supply partners, Perlove Medical focuses on product iteration and upgrade, successfully launches China’s first high-end 3D C-arm, and ranks among the leading ranks in navigation technology of surgical robots in China.

The senior representatives of Perlove Medical have effectively communicated with cooperative suppliers about the company’s procurement strategy, quality objectives and other core information, aiming to continuously improve the supply chain system of Perlove Medical, and work closely with suppliers to create an ecosystem of “co-creation, co-construction and win-win”.

Voice: Open up new prospects for win-win cooperation

Outstanding supplier representatives shared the feeling of work with Perlove: Every Chinese is full of expectations for the rise of national medical brands. As a provider in the medical industry, we have deep feelings for this business. We are excited to see the continuous development of Perlove Medical and the achievements we have made today. We are also honored to be able to work with Perlove Medical to turn the beautiful vision into reality, and we will continue to grow together with Perlove Medical to create great achievements in the future.

Hand in hand: Striving Together • Winning the Future

Through this conference of core suppliers, the understanding and trust between Perlove Medical and suppliers have been further enhanced, and the confidence of cooperation between the two sides has been enhanced. In 2021, Perlove Medical will make concerted efforts to provide customers with better products and efficient services through the strategic cooperation of supply chain, strict quality control and delivery date.


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