Surgical C arm For Intervention Therapy And Orthopedic Surgery


Today, we’re going to look at a surgical c arm that is designed for Intervention Therapy and Orthopedic Surgery.

For tumor intervention, there are generally two types of treatment methods – vascular intervention therapy and non-vascular intervention therapy. Vascular intervention therapy mainly targets the blood supply artery of the tumor or injects anti-cancer drugs into the tumor area to directly kill tumor cells. Non-vascular intervention therapy mainly diagnoses and treats organs infected by tumors, including treatments such as local tumor puncture drainage or local drug injection, ablation, obtaining tissue pathological data, local stent placement, etc.

Compared with surgical treatment, interventional therapy does not require invasive surgery. Instead, it uses a catheterization insertion to treat a variety of difficult diseases such as tumors, hemangiomas, and hemorrhages. Interventional therapy could reduce patients’ hospitalization time. Compared with medical treatment, interventional therapy can limit the high concentration of drugs to the lesion site as much as possible, with less systemic side effects and fewer complications.

PLX7100A can provide fluoroscopy images in interventional surgery and guide the doctor to accurately place the catheter guide wire or implant into the lesion site.

Perlove PLX7100A is the best choice for Interventional Department and Orthopedics Department

Interventional Department
peripheral vascular interventional surgery and non-vascular interventional surgery such as ERCP

osteopathy, reduction, nailing, and other orthopedic surgery.

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Features of  Surgical C Arm PLX7100A

1) Multifunctional to fit the need of various departments

PLX7100A has a variety of functions to support different surgeries operated by different departments. For interventional surgery, it is specially designed to perform special processing of angiography images, which provide clear vascular images for doctors to do observation.

Besides, the device allows high-pressure syringe linkage, SID automatic adjustment and remote motion control.

2) Large large-size flat panel detector

PLX7100A c arm has large-size flat panel detector. A large-size dynamic flat panel detector allows smaller pixel size, which presents full-field and high-definition imaging without distortion; the 12-inch field of view can achieve full coverage of the chest, abdomen, and pelvis, helps avoid overlapping omissions, reduce exposure times, radiation dose, and operation time.

3) 25 kW output power for high-power instantaneous exposure

The maximum output power of the device is up to 25 kW, which meets the imaging requirement of pulse fluoroscopy for obese patients or high-density tissues in thicker parts, and fully meets the needs of high-power instantaneous exposure in digital photography. It is especially suitable for the clinical application of peripheral intervention and comprehensive intervention diagnosis and treatment.

4) Easy to move around and cost-saving

PLX7100A surgical c arm adopts a mobile structure design. There is no need to transform the operating room, no need to install the ground rail or hanger. PLX7100A c arm can work well as long as the power supply meets the conventional voltage of 220 V.

5) Five-dimensional all-electric motion control

Five-dimensional all-electric motion control, including electric lifting motion, electric horizontal motion, electric sliding along the track, electric rotation along the horizontal axis, and electric flat lifting motion. With these motion control methods, PLX7100A surgical c arm can adapt to different surgical beds, making it easier to carry out the surgeries.

PLX7100A surgical c arm is an excellent choice
1) For hospitals that need to set up a comprehensive operating room and
2) For hospitals that are at the early stage of interventional therapy

For hospitals that need to set up a comprehensive operating room. PLX7100A has various functions to meet the different surgical needs of multiple departments such as orthopedics, gynecology, gastroenterology, and interventional departments.

For hospitals that are at the early stage of interventional therapy, compared with large DSA equipment, PLX7100A saves the trouble of transforming the operating room and does not require the installation of the installed ground rail and hanger. Additionally, PLX7100A can achieve 80% of the functions of DSA equipment.

In a word, PLX7100A surgical c arm is high value for money.


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