Surgical C Arm For Orthopedic And Joint Surgery


Perlove PLX118F is designed for orthopaedic and joint surgeries

Orthopedics: It provides clear images for orthopedic surgery, and improves surgical efficiency and safety when dealing with common orthopedic surgery such as osteopathy, reduction, and nailing.

Joint surgery: can be applied to vertebroplasty, elbow, hip, knee joint replacement and anatomical reduction. Help doctors to accurately place the prosthesis, shorten the operation time and improve the operation efficiency.

Features of Surgical C Arm PLX118F

  • Double monitoring and double control

Double monitoring and double control: workstations and equipment are equipped with displays and exposure foot gates. Workstations and equipment can independently realize exposure operation and image observation, meet the needs of doctors to operate machines in multiple directions, realize compartment exposure, and avoid doctors from absorbing excessive radiation. At the same time, the device is equipped with a handheld remote control, which can control the mechanical motion of the device and adjust the exposure parameters.

  • High inverter generator

High inverter generator: The high frequency and high voltage generator technology independently developed by Puai Medical is equipped with the industry’s leading integrated ball tube and high frequency inverter technology. The inverter frequency is as high as 110 kHz, which reduces the occurrence of soft rays and ensures the quality of rays. It not only ensures the clarity of the image but also reduces the radiation intake of doctors and patients.

PLX118F surgical c arm is an excellent choice
1) For hospitals that would operate a large amount of general surgeries
2) For medical teaching and research institutions

For hospitals with a large amount of general surgery, PLX118F surgical c arm is easy to operate and can improve surgical efficiency. Besides, the split structure allows the doctor to control the exposure in another room, protecting the doctor from excessive radiation.

For medical teaching and research institutions, the workstation and the C-arm host are independent of each other, and the exposure image can be observed and adjusted on the workstation, facilitating medical teaching and research work.

If you have problems finding the right surgical c-arm, contact Perlove right now! Our c arm experts will get back to you as soon as possible with the best advice.


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