Surgical C Arm For Orthopedic Surgeries: Osteopathy, Vertebroplasty and Replacement, Reduction, And Nailing


PLX 118F-Plus is suitable for orthopedic surgeries

For orthopedic surgery: PLX118F-Plus surgical c arm provides clear images for orthopedic surgery, and improves surgical efficiency and safety when dealing with common orthopedic surgery such as osteopathy, reduction, and nailing.

For Joint surgery: PLX118F-Plus c arm system can be applied to vertebroplasty and replacement and anatomical reduction of elbow, hip, and knee joints. It helps doctors to accurately place the prosthesis, improving the operation efficiency while shortening the operation time.

Features of PLX118F-Plus Surgical C-arm System

  • Double monitoring and double control
    The concept of “double monitoring and double control” involves equipping workstations and equipment with both displays and exposure foot gates. This enables independent operation of exposure and observation of images, facilitating doctors’ ability to operate machines from various angles, compartmentalize exposure, and avoid excessive radiation exposure. Additionally, the device comes with a handheld remote control that allows for control of mechanical motion and adjustment of exposure parameters.
  • High inverter generator
    It features an integrated ball tube and high-frequency inverter technology. This cutting-edge generator technology operates at a high frequency of 110 kHz, reducing the production of soft rays and ensuring the quality of rays produced. By maintaining image clarity while minimizing radiation exposure for both doctors and patients, this technology enhances the safety and efficiency of medical procedures.
  • Beam limiter preview
    The position of the beam limiter can be directly displayed on the screen without exposure, which is used to adjust the position of the beam limiter relative to the image. It is clinically friendly to both doctors and patients and reduces the radiation dose.

PLX118F-Plus Surgical C-arm is an excellent choice

1) For hospitals with a high volume of general surgery
2) For medical teaching and research institutions

For Hospitals with a high volume of general surgery
The surgical c-arm is ideal for hospitals with a high volume of general surgery as it facilitates easy operation and enhances surgical efficiency. Additionally, the split structure enables the doctor to regulate exposure from another room, safeguarding them against excessive radiation.

For Medical teaching and research institutions
In medical teaching and research institutions, the workstation and C-arm host are separate entities. This setup allows for exposure images to be observed and adjusted on the workstation, making medical teaching and research tasks more convenient.

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