Surgical C Arm With 3D Intraoperative Reconstruction


Surgical C Arm With 3D Intraoperative Reconstruction Function

1) PLX7200 surgical c arm is widely used in orthopedics, surgery, orthopedic correction, urology, spinal surgery, abdominal surgery, pain management, gynecology, and operating rooms.

2) PLX7200 surgical c arm’s 3D expansion technology makes it suitable for high-precision and complex surgeries in multiple areas such as the upper jaw, upper and lower limb joints, cervical spine, thoracic spine, lumbar spine, hip, pelvis, and bone joint surface.

3) PLX7200 surgical c arm’s 3D expansion technology supports bone tissue biopsy, spinal pedicle screw implantation surgery, long intramedullary nail fixation surgery, and surgery for fractures of the hands and feet that are suitable for screw fixation.

Features of PLX7200 surgical c arm

Based on the X-ray 2D projection image acquired by the C-arm, PLX7200 uses cone beam technology to acquire isotropic volume data and generate imaging similar to computed tomography (CT) scan while the surgery is in progress to achieve the intraoperative reconstruction of the 3D model of the skeleton. It breaks through the limitations of traditional C-arm 2D imaging and realizes the leap from 2D to 3D intraoperative X-ray images in the operating room.

PLX7200 c arm adopts four-dimensional electric technology, which can easily realize electric vertical lift, electric horizontal extension, electric full-angle rotation, electric track sliding four-dimensional full electric motion control

PLX7200 c arm adopts megapixel image chain technology, and the full image system, from image intensifier to medical monitor, supports 1K*K pixel matrix spatial resolution. The acquisition density resolution is 12bit, obtaining richer image levels. The acquired image contrast is more natural and the image level transition is more delicate.

How can you know if PLX7200 c arm is right for you to buy?

PLX7200 c arm is a good choice for
1. Hospitals or departments that perform difficult surgeries or surgeries with a high degree of risk.

2. Hospitals or departments that require three-dimensional intraoperative imaging research and education.

3. Hospitals that plan to introduce high-end equipment to improve surgical efficiency.

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