Surgical C Arm With High-power Generator


Perlove PLX7000 Series Surgical C Arms are suitable for routine orthopedic bone-setting, reduction, nailing, femoral head necrosis, intervertebral disc herniation, and other surgeries in general surgery, orthopedics, trauma surgery, urology, spinal surgery, abdominal surgery, internal medicine, gastroenterology, gynecology, and operating rooms.

Features of PLX7000 Series Surgical C Arms

  • High-power generator, effectively ensures the imaging requirements of pulse fluoroscopy obese patients or thicker parts of high-density tissue, while fully meeting the need for high-power instantaneous exposure in digital photography.
  • Four-dimensional full electric motion control, including electric lifting motion, electric horizontal motion, electric sliding along the track, electric rotation along the horizontal axis, adapt to different surgical bed bodies, so that surgeons more convenient to carry out surgery.
  • Double control panel structure – intuitive and intelligent user interface and scientific control panel layout make exposure control at your fingertips. With human graphic touch screen, it has rich and accurate APR parameters setting, so that you can operate easily and quickly during the surgery.
  • Professional image processing system with extraordinary processing capability to achieve what you think is what you get, built-in advanced automatic image optimization processing, enhancement module, to achieve the display of clear clinical images after automatic optimization.

How can you know if PLX7000 Series Surgical C Arms are right for you to buy?

PLX7000 Series Surgical C Arms is a good choice for

  • For hospitals that have general surgery volume

  • For medical teaching and research institutions

  • For hospitals treat patients with obesity

For hospitals that have general surgery volume, PLX7000 Series Surgical C Arms are convenient to operate and can improve the efficiency of surgery. Also, the split structure allows doctors to compartmentalize exposure, protect doctors and avoid excessive radiation.

For medical teaching and research institutions, the workstation and C-shaped arm host independent of each other, allows doctors to observe and adjust the exposure image and carry out medical teaching and research work at the workstation.

For hospitals treat patients with obesity or special body type, the high-power generator can meet the needs of fluoroscopy for obese patients.

If you have problems finding the right surgical c-arm, contact Perlove right now! Our c arm experts will get back to you as soon as possible with the best advice.


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