Surgical C-arm For Spinal Surgery and Osteotomy Orthopedic Surgery


Perlove Surgical C arm PLX7500 is excellent equipment for orthopaedic surgery, especially suitable for spinal surgery and osteotomy orthopedic surgery.


Spinal Surgery

Due to the complex anatomical structure and important physiological functions of the spine, surgery carries high risks and uncertainties. Therefore, the quality of intraoperative imaging directly affects the expected and actual outcomes of the surgery. The Puai Medical flat panel 3D C-arm provides both 2D and 3D imaging modes that can be quickly switched. With just 30 seconds, it can be switched from 2D to “intraoperative CT” mode, completing the acquisition of intraoperative 3D images and generating “CT-like” sectional images in sync. This allows for precise positioning from multiple angles, improving surgical efficiency and quality.

Osteotomy orthopedic surgery:

In cases of bone-cutting correction, some malformed joints have significant differences in their physiological and anatomical structures compared to normal joints, making it difficult for doctors to perform routine surgery based on their past surgical experience. Traditional 2D images are often unable to fully present information about the malformed areas, resulting in significantly increased surgical difficulty and risks. The PLX7500 provides intraoperative 3D imaging, which not only helps doctors fully understand the condition of the deformed area through 3D images, but also allows for real-time monitoring of the placement of devices, thus improving surgical efficiency.

Featurers of Surgical C-arm PLX7500

1.Intraoperative 3D imaging:

Intraoperative 3D imaging and CT-like slice images provide more comprehensive surgical diagnostic information, assisting doctors in accurately assessing fracture reduction and the size and position of internal screw implants, ensuring high-precision surgery completion.

2.Intraoperative examination simplifies the process:

optimizing the surgical process by replacing traditional postoperative CT examinations with intraoperative 3D scanning inspections, greatly reducing the occurrence of revision surgery, reducing surgical costs, and shortening hospital stay.

3.190° 3D scanning angle:

electrically driven sliding along the track, stable and convenient, covering a large 190° angle range, providing high-precision, all-round 3D image and CT-like slice image information.

4.Isocenter design:

in the C-arm 3D scanning process, the shooting subject is always kept in the center of the X-ray beam, avoiding repositioning during the process, reducing radiation doses, and saving time. The 90cm C-arm opening space is suitable for various clinical positioning size requirements.

5.Fast acquisition, no waiting required:

In the 3D acquisition mode, 3D sequence image acquisition can be completed in just 60 seconds, saving acquisition time while ensuring image quality.

This machine is an excellent choice if the following aspects are what you need to consider when choosing a surgical c-arm for orthopedics and joint surgery.

1.Hospital departments that carry out complex or high-risk surgeries.

2.Institutions that require research and teaching on intraoperative 3D imaging.

3.Hospitals planning to introduce high-end equipment to improve surgical efficiency.

After-sale Service For Surgical C-arm PLX7500

For Surgical C-arm PLX7500, Perlove provides a 1-year warranty, life-long maintenance and free online diagnosis.


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