Surgical X-ray Equipment

Features & Benefits


● The high quality image intensifier limprove the digital image quality.
● State—of—the—art CCD camera with advanced noise reduction algorithms, are the key to consist image quality in every application.
● The use of low absorption material and the grid packing capability, allow a consistent dose reduction.

Remote diagnostic table with cassette

● CCU(central control unit) realize the multi—grade denoise, various storage, LIH, negative and positive, image reverse of the image.
● The wide scanning range provides complete patient coverage without the need for longitudinal tabletop movement, result in faster positioning and better patient comfort.
● The one—hand cassette loading and unloading mechanism grants a maximized speed for this frequent operation.

Integrated control console

PLD5000 Series Product Function

This unit is available for general radiographic studies and high volume chest exams, urological, gastrointestinal radiography, cholangiography and peripheral angiography .it can used for fracture renovate under fluoroscopy condition.


Optional parts

Optional bucky stand

Integrated Radiography table combined with remote diagnostic table for double tube system


Optional bucky stand


Digital Image workstation ( optional )


● Digital Storage: Quick and convenient, save the cost comparing with traditional film storage.
● lmage Edition: Multi—grade denoise, LIH, negative & positive images, image reverse and so on.
● Medical History Management: Database management, Graphic reports, Support WORKLIST.
● Digital Printer: can be connect with laser printer to print film.
● Digital Network: Support DICOM 3.0 and PACS network in hospital.

Product Configuration

Remote Control console1 setElectrical multi—leaf collimator1 set
Medical monitor1 setImage intensifier1 set
Remote diagnostic table1 setDigital Workstation(optional)1 set
X-ray generator1 setCCD camera1 set
X-ray tube assembly1 setBucky stand(optional)1 set
High voltage cable1 set

Technical Parameters

Power Output40kW40kW
Tube focusLarge focus:2.0
Small focus:1.0
Large focus:2.0
Small focus:1.0
Voltage380V ± 38V380V ± 38V
Frequency50Hz ±1Hz50Hz ±1Hz
RadiographyTube Voltage44kV~125kV44kV~125kV
Tube Current32mA~500mA32mA~500mA
Exposure time0.02s-4s0.02s-4s
FluoroscopyTube Voltage44kV~110kV44kV~110kV
Tube Current0.5mA~5mA0.5mA~5mA
Foot standFixed foot stand± 360° rotate foot stand
SID1100mm1100mm, 1500mm


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