Tech Contributes Health——Clinical Application of Perlove Medical U-arm Digital System


Due to the grim situation of COVID-19’s long-term existence in the future, medical institutions all over the world will face more challenges.

Perlove takes tech contributes health as its mission. We have developed a new DR based on the current situation of primary health care system in China. It can be operated remotely and avoid cross infection during the epidemic, as well as care for doctors and patients.

Firstly, compared with conventional DR, this dynamic DR adopts a 17 * 17 inch large size dynamic flat panel detector, which can not only realize digital radiography, but also digital fluoroscopy, angiography and other examinations of various body parts. What’s more, it can carry out accurate radiography under visualization that meets all needs of different medical institutions.

Unlike mobile DR and traditional dynamic DR, this dynamic DR is specially designed for full body radiography. The new intelligent table with electrical movement and visual radiography can avoid the direct contact between doctors and patients. It reduces the radiation to doctors as well as the risk of cross infection.

As a national enterprise focusing on the intelligent manufacturing of X-ray machines, Perlove Medical has been committed to providing help for clinical work with better products and more dedicated services.

The future prevention work will be a protracted war. But we have reason to believe that our country and our people will win the war against COVID-19.


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