The advantages of Perlove all-in-one orthopedic small C  


In order to solve the troubles that hospitals encounter when using C-arms, Perlove Medical has launched the All-in-One Orthopedic Mini-C. The integrated design of C-arm host and workstation, with a more compact frame structure and a small footprint of only about one square meter, effectively saves space in the operating room.

All-in-one orthopedic mini-C

What are the advantages of the all-in-one orthopedic mini-C?

1、Moving flexible and light, more comfortable to implement, one person can easily transfer the equipment, complete the transfer, without the assistance of more than one person.

2. Equipped with a large size monitor and touch screen, the doctor can complete the exposure operation and observe the image at the side of the equipment, which is convenient for the doctor to operate close to the table.

3. Occupy little space, the equipment covers an area of about one square meter, which can adapt to various crowded and complex surgical environments and save surgical space.

One-piece orthopedic small covers a small area

4. No need to connect with the cart through the cable, which not only reduces the maintenance cost and inconvenience caused by cable damage, but also avoids the safety hazard caused by the doctor stepping on the cable during the operation.

5. With the power-off standby function, the device will not shut down after cutting off the power, but will enter the standby state, and can resume normal use immediately after the power is turned on in the standby state, without the need to switch on and off again, saving time, and with the characteristics of the integrated structure for easy mobility, the device can be quickly shared among multiple operating rooms to improve the utilization rate of the device.

6. The all-in-one structure is a high-end model, and there are only a few manufacturers in the domestic and even international markets, which improves the influence and visibility of hospitals.

The PLX119C series all-in-one orthopedic small C adopts a 30CM×30CM flat panel detector to obtain a larger field of view and clearer images of the fracture site in orthopedic surgical treatment such as spine and long bone fractures, which can help doctors understand and assess the alignment and alignment of the fracture site in a timely manner during surgery, and can perform length and angle measurements, providing strong support for further improving the quality of surgery This provides strong support for further improving the quality of surgery.

Case 1:

A patient with a complete fracture of the left femoral stem was evaluated and treated with an “intramedullary nail”. Intramedullary nailing requires complete visualization from the nail entry point to the fracture site, and in some long bone fractures, a high range of vision is required.

Clinical imaging of the fracture site from the point of nailing to the fracture site with a small one-piece orthopedic C-nail

When performing intramedullary nail internal fixation, the surgeon needs to observe both the nail entry point and the fracture site at the same time. The large flat panel all-in-one orthopedic mini-C of PAI Medical can present a wider imaging area to meet the radiographic needs of most long bone intramedullary nail internal fixation.

Case 2:

The patient suffered a fall and had post-injury lumbar pain and a compression fracture of the lumbar 2 vertebral body, which was treated with “pedicle nail internal fixation”. The pedicle screw can penetrate from the back of the vertebral body to the front of the vertebral body to achieve three-column fixation of the vertebral body, but the operation has to be performed on multiple cones during the operation, so the image is required to show the whole segment of the lumbar spine as much as possible.

All-in-one orthopedic small C full-segment lumbar spine clinical images

Perlove Medical large flat panel all-in-one orthopedic small C adopts a 30CM×30CM flat panel detector, which can generally image 5 lumbar spines at one time and present a broader field of view. It enables the doctor to observe the injured vertebra and the surrounding vertebral body comprehensively at one time, making the surgery more efficient and accurate.


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