The application advantage of multi -functional digital DR in the rehabilitation hospital


The focus of elderly recovery is to prevent or delay the occurrence of elderly diseases from the perspective of function improvement, reduce the risk of illness or accidental damage, and make life more quality in old age. Rehabilitation is an extension of treatment. The elderly and physical injury patients are the types of patients in the rehabilitation hospital. The multi -functional digital DR and ordinary X -ray images are high compared with the image quality resolution, wide grayscale, and large image information. To improve the accuracy of diagnosis and provide basic guarantee for the rehabilitation of the above patients!

Multi -functional digital DR collection digital photography, digital perspective, digital angiography and other functions are in one body. It is widely used in clinical application. It can also perform high -definition spots in perspective. The clinical symptoms and signs are not typical, the common disease coexistence, severe condition, fast change and other characteristics. Multifunctional DR can observe the lesions under continuous perspective, especially in observing the cardiopulmonary function of the elderly after discovering the lesion, accurately obtain high -definition images of the lesion, which is more conducive to the correct diagnosis of doctors.

For the diagnosis of patients with limb injury, such as fracture patients, multi -functional digital DR also has a unique advantage: dynamic large -faced perspective images, which is convenient for observing the overall state of complete bone thoracic, heart, lung, and diaphragm in the state of breathing, which is conducive to conducive Identify the area and location of the rib fracture, and the multi -functional digital DR can be converted to the position of patients under perspective, so that the overlapping or covered ribs of the tissue organs can be clearly displayed. During the turning process, the suspected lesions are performed in real -time millisecond grab. The diagnosis advantage of hidden fractures is obvious.

At the same time, the panoramic splicing technology of multi -functional DR can assist spinal malformation orthopedic therapy and rehabilitation examination, and provide high -precision images for clinical clinical. This technology can be automatically or manual, the image has no stitching marks, the accuracy of the full spine reorganization image is high, and the structure is clear. In the rehabilitation treatment of patients with spine -side bending, the application of splicing technology can also help clinically to the patient’s overall shape and lesions of the patient’s spine comprehensive and intuitively, providing good support for subsequent treatment.

Multi -functional digital DR ultra -high -heat capacity High -speed ball pipe can easily cope with high -intensity clinical work; symmetrical bed design with large angles of the ball pipe tilt, easily realize no dead angles, meet the photography needs of clinical and angles; ultra -high power High -pressure generator, ensure the quality of the whole machine on the source, standardize dual high -density filter grille, dedicated to further improve the image quality. At the same time Fusion can provide further care for children and patients who need multiple films for children and patients who need multiple films.

The application of multi -functional digital DR can effectively improve the accuracy of diagnosis and disease detection rate. Pulit multi -functional digital DR can also be digital photography, perspective, angiography, etc. in the whole body. The scope of application scenarios can be extended to internal medicine, surgery, gynecology, pediatrics, orthopedics, emergency examinations, physical examinations, etc. A high cost -effective inspection equipment for one machine.


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