The Application Of Large Flat Panel Integrated C-Arm In Percutaneous Vertebral Body Balloon Expansion And Shaping Surgery


The Perlove Medical large flat panel integrated C-arm PLX119C, in orthopedic surgical treatments, provides a larger field of view and clearer images of the lesion site, assisting doctors in quickly understanding the and the surrounding bone conditions, thereby improving surgical efficiency and quality.

Sharing of Large Flat Panel Integrated C-arm Surgical Cases

Case Name: Percutaneous Kyphoplasty (PKP)

Surgical Address: The Second Affiliated Hospital of Nanjing Medical University

Patient’s Age: 79 years old

Patient’s Gender: Male

Patient’s Condition: Lumbar L3 Compression Fracture

Dr. Wang Boyao, Associate Chief Physician of Orthopedics at the Second Affiliated Hospital of Nanjing Medical University, led a team to successfully perform Percutaneous Kyphoplasty (PKP). The patient suffered from an old compression fracture of the lumbar spine, experiencing severe lumbar pain, limited mobility, and compromised quality of life. Dr. Wang utilized the high-quality imaging and flexible positioning provided by the Perlove Medical large flat panel integrated C-arm to quickly locate the pedicle positions and determine the needle insertion points, enabling the surgery to be conducted more efficiently and accurately.

Preoperative Imaging-1
Preoperative Imaging-2

Clinical Surgical Process

Under the guidance of the large flat panel integrated C-arm, the direction and depth of needle insertion were determined at the 5-millimeter intraoperative incision. A pathway was established through the pedicle to the vertebral body, and a bone expander (balloon) was inserted. The balloon expansion restored vertebral height and created a cavity within the vertebra. The amount of bone cement to be injected was determined, and the diffusion of bone cement was observed.

Balloon expansion schematic
Balloon Expansion Schematic
Clinical images of the large flat panel integrated C-arm
Clinical Images of the Large Flat Panel Integrated C-arm.

Advantages of the Perlove Medical Large Flat Panel Integrated C-arm in Clinical Applications

Most mainstream small C-arms on the market use a 21cm × 21cm flat panel or an image intensifier with a smaller imaging range, typically capable of imaging 3.5 lumbar vertebrae, and multiple shots may be required to identify the injured vertebra. The Perlove Medical large flat panel integrated C-arm utilizes a 30cm × 30cm flat panel detector, typically capable of imaging 5 lumbar vertebrae at once, providing a broader field of view. This allows doctors to observe the injured vertebra and surrounding vertebrae comprehensively in one go, resulting in higher surgical efficiency and precision.


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