The Application Of Perlove Flat Panel 3d C-Arm In Spinal Surgery


The Perlove Medical 3D C-arm not only brings a completely new clinical experience for surgeons, enhancing surgical accuracy; at the same time, the generated “CT-like” cross-sectional images can assist in confirming surgical outcomes intraoperatively, significantly reducing patient hospital stay and postoperative recovery time. The 3D C-arm is gradually becoming an indispensable tool in various spine surgeries as well as joint and trauma surgeries.

Perlove Medical Flat Panel 3D C-arm Clinical Case Sharing

Case One

Patient Information: Female, 73 years old

Procedure: Thoracolumbar interbody fusion + laminectomy + spinal canal expansion and shaping + release of adhesions between the spinal cord and nerve roots

C-arm's chinical use

Two years ago, the patient experienced numbness in the left thoracic and back skin, with zonesthesia, numbness in the skin of the left upper arm, and the weakness in denied muscle. Chest CT scan showed: normal thoracic vertebrae sequence, presence of physiological curvature, marginal osteophyte formation of the vertebrae, slight degeneration of intervertebral discs, hypertrophy and ossification of the T7-T9 ligamentum flavum, compressing the dural sac, and spinal canal stenosis. Imaging diagnosis: Ossification of the ligamentum flavum.

Preoperative imaging-Case One-1
Preoperative Imaging-Case One-2
Preoperative Imaging

During the surgery, the Perlove Medical Flat Panel 3D C-arm rapidly generates cross-sectional, sagittal, and coronal images, as well as three-dimensional images, facilitating the confirmation of the surgical site by the surgeon. The large flat panel of the C-arm provides a wide and excellent view, allowing for better overall visualization of the surgical site and ensuring the accuracy of surgical planning and operation.

Operative process

Only a Perlove C-arm, Both 2D and 3D Imaging Are Perfectly Presented

Case Two

Patient Information: Female, 58 years old

Procedure: Lumbar-sacral interbody fusion surgery

The patient presented to the hospital a month ago with bilateral leg pain. She was diagnosed with lumbar disc herniation. She initially sought treatment at a clinic and received massage traction therapy, but the pain did not significantly improve. She then sought further treatment at the hospital. Imaging diagnosis: Disc herniation at L3-4, with narrowing of the spinal canal (central type).

Preoperative Imaging-Case Two-1
Preoperative Imaging-Case Two-2
Use the C-arme

During the surgery, the Perlove Medical Flat Panel 3D C-arm is used for fluoroscopy. Based on the fluoroscopic images, the responsible intervertebral disc is identified, the surgical plan is devised, and bone tissue is adequately exposed. Specialized instruments are used to remove the vertebral plate, exposing the nerves and spinal canal. Then guided by the C-arm, the positions of the upper and lower vertebral bodies and pedicles of the responsible intervertebral disc are determined, needle insertion points and directions are established, and spinal screws are implanted along the direction of the pedicles for fixation. Interbody fusion devices are inserted, and the screws are reinforced. Finally, fluoroscopy with the C-arm is performed again to confirm the completion of the surgery.

Surgical Imaging

Advantages of Perlove Medical Flat Panel 3D C-arm

1.Intraoperative Three-dimensional Imaging Brings a Brand New Clinical Experience

    Due to the complex anatomical structure and crucial physiological functions of the spine, surgeries involving it carry higher risks and uncertainties. Therefore, the quality of intraoperative imaging directly impacts surgical expectations and outcomes. The Perlove Medical Flat Panel 3D C-arm allows for quick switching between 2D and 3D imaging modes. In just 30 seconds, with a single click, it transitions from 2D to “intraoperative CT” mode, completing intraoperative 3D image acquisition. It synchronously generates “CT-like” cross-sectional images, facilitating precise multi-angle positioning, enhancing surgical efficiency, and improving surgical quality.

    2.Wide Field of View for Greater Efficiency

    The Perlove Medical Flat Panel 3D C-arm utilizes a 30cm * 30cm dynamic flat panel detector, offering a large imaging range (capable of imaging 5 lumbar vertebrae at once) without the need for repeated fluoroscopy, thereby saving surgical time.


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