The service life of orthopedic mobile C-arm X-ray machines is approximately five years. How can the lifespan of the C-arm be extended?


C-arm is the abbreviation for mobile C-arm X-ray machines, widely used in operating rooms due to their convenience and safety features. As regulatory scrutiny over the lifespan of medical devices intensifies, the issue of the lifespan of orthopedic mobile C-arm X-ray machines has become increasingly important.

According to the “Guidelines for Technical Review of Registration Term for Active Medical Devices,” the usage period of medical devices refers to the period during which the applicant/registrant of medical devices ensures through risk management that the product is safe and effective within its intended scope.

Typically, the lifespan of mobile C-arm X-ray machines is around five years. However, in practical use, the lifespan of these machines is influenced by factors such as the operating environment, pre-market analysis of expected usage periods, and post-market monitoring and usage. Regular maintenance and upkeep are essential during the product’s use.

To extend the lifespan of orthopedic mobile C-arm X-ray machines, hospitals are advised to take the following measures:

Firstly, hospitals should strictly monitor the lifecycle of each mobile C-arm X-ray machine according to national regulations, maintain comprehensive records, and update equipment promptly to ensure its safety and effectiveness.

Secondly, for older machines, prioritize maintenance and repairs to maximize their longevity and efficiency. Additionally, actively explore possibilities for equipment upgrades through collaboration with manufacturers and engaging in technological research and development.

Thirdly, hospitals should enhance training and management of personnel operating mobile C-arm X-ray machines. Detailed operational procedures and maintenance standards should be established, and staff should possess appropriate skills and certifications to enhance equipment safety and efficiency.

Lastly, it is crucial for hospitals to consider the quality control capabilities of equipment manufacturers when procuring orthopedic mobile C-arm X-ray machines. Product quality is fundamental to the survival of enterprises. As a leading standard-setting entity in the medical X-ray equipment industry, Perlove Medical adheres rigorously to product quality, evidenced by their establishment of four specialized laboratories—EMC, environmental, vibration collision, and product lifecycle labs—to ensure the enduring quality of Perlove Medical brand medical imaging equipment.


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