The “Symbiosis·Growth” Idea Collision Meeting of Perlove Medical


From July 10th to 13th, the “Symbiosis·Growth” Idea Collision Meeting of Perlove Medical and the first half of 2021 marketing management summary meeting was held in Suzhou. Perlove general manager Mr. Liu Jinhu and other leaders jointly summarized and reviewed the gains in the first half of the year and forged ahead in the second half of the year!

Concentration determines height, thought determines depth

From managers to employees, we must instill at all levels. Not only must there be rules, rewards and punishments, and detailed control, but also system support. “Confirmation” is the best source of motivation!

Team building

It’s hard to find one general who is easy to find; talents are the strategic reserve of a company. How to spot the right people, choose the right people, make good use of them, and retain people is a problem that companies need to pay attention to, and it is to achieve the sustainable development and growth of Perlove Medical Lifeblood

Overcoming difficulties in management challenges

A team means that people with different advantages support and encourage each other to achieve the same goal;

Professional route for market support

We must have in-depth study and tireless research on work, and strive for excellence in all aspects; Keep learning and innovation, full of creativity, our constant pursuit is customer satisfaction;

Sharing is a kind of progress. The atmosphere at the meeting is very active, and the attention from the audience is also actively sharing their own receipts and experiences. Through the sharing of each team, the knowledge is applied to their own work;

Mr. Liu Jinhu, Chairman of Perlove Medical, gave full affirmation to the various teams and thanked all the management elites for their contributions, making the dream of the Perlove family more fulfilling and having the strength to create the future belonging to Perlove Medical.


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