The use of a spine surgery robot in orthopedics


Due to the difficulty and high precision requirements of spinal surgery, which often requires the operator to be highly mentally concentrated for several hours, the accuracy of the surgeon’s operation under fatigue has encountered certain challenges. In recent years, the development of orthopaedic spine surgery robots in spine surgery has brought new clinical ideas to this problem.

Perlove Medical Spine Surgery Robot

Orthopedic spinal surgery robot through artificial intelligence preoperative surgery planning, mechanical arm in-operation precise positioning, navigation surgery visualization technology, and so on, to assist the spinal clinician to achieve the predictable, high-precision, full-range visualization of the highly effective surgical objectives, to enhance the operational efficiency and ease of operation, to help doctors break through the limitations of the traditional operation field of vision, Operation Blind area, positioning is not allowed, and other constraints.

Application of robot-assisted spinal surgery

Director Wang and his team from the Second Affiliated Hospital of Nanjing Medical University used the spinal surgery robot assisted by PUAI Medical Orthopaedics Department. With the accuracy and safety of the operation, the risk of spinal surgery is reduced and the area of surgical trauma is reduced as much as possible.

C-arm image acquisition
 Orthopaedic spine robot image analysis

Using spine robot, which allows doctors to”Nail” a patient’s spine by operating a robotic arm in a minimally invasive way, can make the incision smaller, cause less damage, and cause less bleeding, patients also recover more quickly after surgery. Compared with traditional spinal surgery, which requires doctors to place nails by hand and adjust the puncture position, direction and depth many times, the addition of orthopedic spine surgery robot not only improves the safety, predictability and accuracy of the operation, but also greatly reduces the intraoperative radiation dose, orthopedic spine surgery robot can effectively reduce postoperative complications and improve the healing of patients, orthopedic spine surgery robot for spinal surgery to carry out complex, difficult surgery to provide a more powerful guarantee.


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