Top 5 C Arm Machine Manufacturers of 2022

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The C-arm X-ray machine is X-ray equipment with a C-shaped frame, which is used for real-time dynamic imaging during surgery. C-arm machine has the advantages of low radiation dose, low risk of infection, small footprint and easy mobility, which is widely used in orthopedics, surgery, gynecology and other departments in hospitals. 

The major uses of C-arm include orthopedic nailing, osteopathy, and repositioning; surgical implantation of pacemakers, removal of foreign objects from the body, some imaging procedures, and interventional procedures; incorporation with ozone machines for pain treatment, small needle treatment, and gynecologic tube guiding procedures.

With the further development of flat panel detector technology, the C-arm imaging system is now gradually upgraded from image intensifier to digital X-ray flat panel detector, resulting in lower radiation dose, larger effective imaging area, higher imaging quality, as well as gradually transformed into a smaller size to better meet the needs of clinical use. This article will list the top 5 c-arm machine manufacturers in the world.

Siemens Healthineers

Arm Machine Manufacturers

Founded in 1896, Siemens Healthineers, a core division of the Siemens Group, is one of the leading C-arm machine manufacturers worldwide. By achieving full digitalization of healthcare, it helps healthcare providers to advance precision medicine, transform treatment models and improve patient experience in their respective fields.

Siemens Healthineers has a broad lineup of mobile C-arms that combine excellent image quality with unique features designed for easy operability, versatility and efficiency. Straightforward functions and excellent ergonomics greatly enhance ease of use while simplifying overall clinical workflow in many fields of practice.

GE Healthcare

Arm Machine Manufacturers

GE Healthcare, founded in 1892, is a top C arm system manufacturer. It is committed to providing innovative medical technologies and services that make healthcare more affordable and accessible worldwide. Its products cover medical imaging, information technology, medical diagnostics, patient monitoring systems, drug development, and biopharmaceuticals.

The OEC 3D C-arm developed by GE Healthcare provides both 3D and 2D images, offering surgeons a broad field of view – seamlessly integrating into existing surgical procedures to improve surgical imaging accuracy and efficiency.

Philips Healthcare

Arm Machine Manufacturers

Philips Healthcare, founded in 1891 in the Netherlands, is a global medical device giant in the fields of diagnostic imaging, image-guided therapy, patient monitoring, health information technology, and consumer health & home care.

Philips introduced its first mobile C-arm in 1955. With Philips mobile C-arm systems, you can quickly and easily obtain clear, detailed images to support informed decisions when performing orthopaedic, pain management, vascular and other surgical procedures in the operating room.

Ziehm Imaging

Arm Machine Manufacturers

Ziehm Imaging, founded in 1972 and headquartered in Germany, is the first C-arm machine supplier to offer integrated systems for subtraction angiography. In 1983, Ziehm introduced the first compact C-arm to the market in order to make further advances in the medical imaging market.

ZIEHM VISION RFD 3D is described by Ziehm Imaging as “a revolution in 3D imaging” and is designed to balance cost and efficiency, improve the patient experience, reduce the length of stay and reduce surgical trauma.

Perlove Medical

Arm Machine Manufacturers

Founded in 2003, Perlove Medical is a leading manufacturer of medical x-ray imaging equipment in China. Perlove is firmly committed to self-research and technological innovation to keep its products close to clinical demand and to continuously improve advances in medical technology. All this is to help improve medical conditions and reduce healthcare costs worldwide.

The C-arm machines Perlove offers include mobile digital C-arm system, interventional FPD C-arm, wireless FPD C-arm, and 3D digital FPD C-arm system. Its mobile C-arm X-ray machine has gained a good reputation in the market, with advantages such as high-resolution flat panel detector, intelligent digital pulse dose control technology to reduce radiation comprehensively, full isocentric five-dimensional electric design, ease of operation, etc.

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