Tumor Intervention Case – Mobile Plate Intervention in Medium C-arm


Minimally invasive tumor intervention

Minimally invasive interventional tumor treatment technology is an emerging tumor treatment modality and a new trend in tumor treatment at home and abroad. In traditional tumor treatment, surgery dominates, mostly as an option for early and middle-stage tumor treatment. With the application of medical imaging-guided minimally invasive interventional technology, the selection indications for minimally invasive resection and radical treatment of tumors are becoming wider and wider, and most tumors can be treated by minimally invasive interventional methods.


Also known as “microcatheter superselection”, is a precise interventional treatment method. When treating patients, the microcatheter is used to select each blood supply artery of the tumor, one tumor corresponds to one artery, and then the drug is precisely infused into the tumor, thus increasing the concentration of the drug inside the tumor and ensuring the tumor is completely treated and the tumor blood supply artery is accurately embolized.

Patient: Male, age:61 , lung tumor

The patient was admitted to the hospital with frequent symptoms of cough, chest tightness and shortness of breath. A CT examination showed an occupancy in the left lung, and a pathological biopsy confirmed the diagnosis of lung tumor.

Pulmonary CT diagnosis

Bronchial artery embolization + chemo-perfusion

Under the guidance of interventional mobile flat-panel C-arm machine of Perlove Medical, the doctor performed bilateral bronchial artery embolization + chemo-perfusion for the patient.With the cooperation of micro-guide wire, three left bronchial artery tumor supplying arteries were “Superselected” and embolized via micro-catheter pushing embolization microspheres to embolize the tumor arteries. After the embolization, the tumor staining was seen to disappear when the imaging was done again with mobile plate intervention C-arm machine.

With its small size, low dose, clear image and convenient operation, the interventional mobile flat-panel C-arm machine from Perlove Medical has been recognized by more and more hospitals and specialists worldwide in the fields of orthopedics and interventions.

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