U-arm Digital Radiography System

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Since 2003, Perlove has been at the forefront of u arm x ray machines innovation and manufacturing.

Perlove U-arm X-ray machines offer flexible positioning for imaging, automatic mechanical adjustment, and a large detector for digital radiography, fluoroscopy, and angiography in a single device. DSA is achievable with Perlove U-arm X-ray machines, featuring humanized designs for one-click operations.

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High Frequency Digital Radiography/Fluoroscopy System

Multi-functional dynamic DR with a larger FPD combines static radiography with dynamic fluoroscopy and snapshot functions.

Radiography System

High-performance radiography with intelligent controls.

Multifunctional Dynamic Digital radiography

Low dose, short exposure time, high speed imaging, reduced motion artifacts and  high definition images.

High Frequency Digital Radiography System

Ultra-fast imaging, low dose, seamless integration, and intelligent positioning.

High Frequency Digital Radiography System

High-frequency DR system with powerful imaging, intelligent operation, and efficient diagnosis support.

High Frequency Digital Radiography System

Integrated DR system with high-quality components, efficient workflow, and versatile control options.

Digital Motion X-ray System U-arm Version

Multi-functional dynamic DR, integrating static DR radiography with dynamic fluoroscopy, high-definition snapshot and contrast functions, effectively avoiding missed diagnoses and misdiagnoses.

High Frequency Digital Radiography/Fluoroscopy System

With a 100-micron flat panel detector, the image is clear and sharp with more details.

High Frequency Digital Radiography System

Excellent digital imaging processing system:
a. DICOM 3.0 networking interface far seamless integration into your IPACS or RIS system…

Perlove U Arm X Ray Machines Are Being Used In Hospitals Around The World

FAQ about U Arm X Ray Machine

The “U-arm” X-ray machine is a type of digital radiography system used in medical imaging. It’s named “U-arm” because of its unique shape resembling the letter “U” .

This design allows for greater flexibility in positioning the X-ray source and detector, making it suitable for various imaging procedures. 

Perlove U-arm x ray machines allow for automatic adjustment of its mechanical movement. 

The large detector brings a larger radiography area, which helps realize digital radiography, digital fluoroscopy, and digital angiography in one device.

With Perlove u arm x ray machine, DSA (Digital Subtraction Angiography) can also be realized.The humanized designs realize the functions of one-click radiography and one click reset and one-click standing radiography.

The primary difference between C-Arm and U-arm systems lies in their configurations and applications. C-Arm systems typically feature a C-shaped arm that can move around a patient, providing real-time imaging during surgical procedures, such as orthopedic surgeries or cardiac interventions. They are commonly used for dynamic procedures requiring immediate imaging feedback.

On the other hand, U-arm systems have a U-shaped design, offering greater flexibility in positioning for various imaging needs beyond surgical applications. They are commonly used for general radiography and are suitable for a wide range of imaging procedures, including extremity imaging, chest imaging, and more. U-arm systems provide excellent imaging quality and flexibility in patient positioning, making them ideal for comprehensive diagnostic imaging in medical facilities.