UBE Lumbar Decompression and Interbody Fusion Technology Training Camp Powered by Perlove’s Flat Panel Mobile C-Arm


In order to help the majority of orthopedic surgeons to solve more clinical problems, improve their own strength, comprehensively master the core concept of lumbar UBE surgery, and establish a hands-on standardized process, including lumbar spinal stenosis UBE lumbar spinal canal decompression and UBE lumbar decompression interbody fusion. Recently, PUMA invited Prof. Yang Hejun from the Third Hospital directly under Henan Province to personally teach and guide the whole process, and carried out the “UBE lumbar decompression and intervertebral fusion OMO offline training camp”.

As a strategic cooperation unit of Good Medical Technology, Perlove Medical provides flat-panel mobile C-arm image support for the smooth organization of the training camp.

Prof. Yang Hejun, with his many years of clinical practice and teaching experience, explained and demonstrated the treatment methods of UBE lumbar decompression and interbody fusion, and the precautions and clinical skills of lumbar spinal stenosis decompression.

Expert demonstration and analysis of surgical techniques

Before the actual operation, Prof. Yang Hejun personally demonstrated the whole process of surgery and explained in detail the clinical operation standard and key points of each technique. The teaching site highly imitates the clinical practice scene so that the trainees have a realistic surgical experience. PUMA’s various flat-paneled mobile C-arms escorted the whole process, clearly displaying the lesion site and helping the trainees to see every detail of the image.

Trainees practice, image escort

In order to let the trainees grasp the learning points more intuitively, under the leadership of Prof. Yang Hejun, every trainee must personally participate in the UBE lumbar spinal decompression and interbody fusion surgical practice, and the clear clinical images of PUCAI medical mobile C-arms help the trainees to accurately locate the point of screw entry to ensure the accuracy of the entry of the screws. Prof. Yang Hejun and the trainees highly evaluated the clinical images and operation experience of Perlove’s flat-panel mobile C-arm.

Awarding the certificate of completion to the trainees

Through “theoretical learning + surgical practice + one-on-one guidance from teachers + consolidation exercises”, the trainees can more comprehensively master what they have learned, and Perlove and Good Medical Technology will deepen the exchange and cooperation between the two sides, join hands to make progress, empowering doctors to help the development of medical science, and escort more patients to enjoy high-quality diagnosis and treatment!

PLX7500A Mobile Flatbed 3D C-Arm

●With intraoperative multi-angle 3D image function

Imported flat panel, large field of view and unobstructed view.

●Five-dimensional movement, convenient operation, and adjustable focusing distance design.

Simplifies the surgical process and ensures surgical safety.

PLX7100A Mobile Flatbed Intervention Center C

Wide range of clinical applications and rich image details

High-definition images facilitate clinical diagnosis and treatment.

Low radiation dose and long working time

Multi-functional design for easy application

PLX119C Large Flatbed Integrated C-Arm

Wide field of view to present more comprehensive clinical information

All-in-one design makes the device more flexible and lightweight.

Power-off standby function supports rapid sharing between operating rooms.

●Clear images for complex surgeries


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