Perlove Medical top-notch image contributes to interventional diagnosis and treatment


Perlove Medical top-notch image contributes to interventional diagnosis and treatment

The China Venous Conference (VC) sponsored by Hunan Provincial People’s Hospital, Xuzhou Medical University Affiliated Hospital, Guangdong Provincial People’s Hospital, Nanjing First Hospital. After 4 years of hard work and development, it has become a top-level academic business card in the field of venous interventional diagnosis and treatment in China. It is China’s top-scale and authoritative venous disease diagnosis and treatment academic platform, committed to promoting the improvement of the domestic venous disease diagnosis and treatment level, and benefiting more The people!


The Fifth China Vein Conference was grandly held in Changsha, a famous historical and cultural city. This conference brought a rich academic feast to everyone through the form of “online + offline” linkage.

At the opening ceremony, the China Venous Intervention Alliance awarded Professor Gu Jianping from Nanjing First Hospital the honorary title of “Chinese Venous Intervention Master” in recognition of his outstanding contributions to the innovative development, clinical application and promotion of Chinese interventional medicine.


Professor Gu led the interventional expert team of Nanjing No. 1 Hospital and Perlove Medical to jointly organize the “Interventional Thousand Miles” Intervention Training Course, aiming to train high-level interventional medicine talents, promote the popularization of interventional medicine in grass-roots hospitals, and help national enterprises better development of. The training class has provided professional intervention training for hundreds of medical workers.


The Organizing Committee of the Fifth China Venous Conference launched the “Anti-thrombosis·Movement” health science popularization run activity, advising the professor: “As long as we can move, the disease will be much less. This is the purpose of our health science popularization run.” Professor Gu also said: “In the past, we paid special attention to the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. Now we should pay more attention to the source of anti-thrombosis, which is to move and effectively combine “prevention” and “treatment.”

On the evening of June 11, the “Eight of Perlove Love” academic exchange meeting hosted by Perlove Medical invited many experts, scholars and medical workers to discuss the latest research results and clinical applications of interventional medicine. Mr. Nie, the marketing director of Perlove Medical, introduced the company and products to the experts, which deepened the guests’ understanding of Perlove Medical.

     Perlove Medical High Frequency Mobile Digital C-arm System is an ideal device for interventional oncology departments in the vast grassroots hospitals and specialized interventions (such as hepatobiliary surgery, ERCP room, and gynecology) in tertiary hospitals.Applicable departments: Oncology, ERCP, Gastroenterology, Orthopedics, Pain, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Urology, Respiratory, General Surgery…

    As a national enterprise focusing on the intelligent manufacturing of X-ray machines, Perlove Medical has been committed to providing help for clinical work with better products and more dedicated services. We will continue to work hard in the field of interventional medicine, closely integrate with clinicians, and focus on discussing and solving clinical problems, so as to provide the well-being of patients and provide better interventional diagnosis and treatment services!


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