VET1800 Series
(Classic Version)
Veterinary Digital Radiography System

Features & Benefits

Tailored for pets

● Large size
large size flat panel detector provides full images with high quality.

● High resolution
Excellent spatial resolution and signal-to-noise ratio to improve image quality.

● Low noise
The unique noise eliminating technology improves the image quality by 40% and obtains tiny lesion images.

● Imported X-ray tube
High output power, high heat capacity and small focus.

● high inverter frequency
The output voltage is more stable to ensure the consistency of radiation quality.
Instantly freeze the image, no tailing phenomenon.

● The professional graphical interface
Intelligent and efficient image processing software, greatly improving image quality

● Floating table
Meet most small and medium-sized vet inspections.

● Smart design
Tableside operation, manual/remote exposure, flexible and compact structure.
Take small space, meet different installation conditions.

● Power supply 220V/380V
The high-voltage generator takes single-phase energy storage high-voltage technology, which have less requirement of power supply and wider installation conditions.

● Professional service
Imaging experience more than 18 years with professioanl after-service team.

VET1800 Series(Classic Version)
Veterinary Digital Radiography System

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