Welcome The Party and Government Delegation of Baiyin City Come to Inspect Perlove Medical


On May 12, Jiangning District Mayor Yan Yingjun, Jiangning High-tech Zone Management Committee Deputy Director He Tao and other leaders accompanied the party and government delegation including Deputy Secretary and Mayor Zhang Xuchen of Baiyin City, Gansu Province to Perlove Medical to inspect the development of high-tech enterprises.

Perlove Medical

Live up to the mission
General Manager Gong Jiong and Deputy General Manager Zhao Zhengwen introduced the development history, technological innovation, corporate honor and future development strategy of Perlove Medical to the delegation. As a one-stop supplier of general radiological equipment, Perlove Medical has led the domestic market share of mobile products for more than ten consecutive years. Facing the future, Perlove Medical will continue to forge ahead, live up to the mission, help national medical take-off, and strive to become a national proud medical brand.

Mayor Zhang Xuchen fully affirmed the overall development trend of Perlove Medical and the major breakthroughs made in the field of artificial intelligence medicine.

Scientific and technological innovation bears fruit

Perlove Medical firmly believes that scientific research is the first competitiveness. Since the establishment of the company, we have always adhered to independent research and development, committed to providing high-end medical equipment solutions that meet clinical needs and China’s national conditions, and has achieved a series of industry-leading scientific research results. The delegation visited the multi-functional exhibition hall of Perlove Medical, and learned about the scientific research and innovation achievements of Perlove Medical, anti-epidemic star products, and the actual application of the products in clinical practice. The delegation affirmed the remarkable achievements made by Perlove Medical in the field of medical science and technology innovation.

Strive for 18 years, scientific and technological innovation set off again. The scientific and technological innovation-driven development of Perlove Medical is about to embrace a new opportunity. The external environment and internal corporate strength are constantly changing. Perlove Medical will continue to improve its own strength, assume social responsibilities, contribute to the high-quality development of the industry, and promote the better development of national medical treatment with the mission of protecting health with science and technology!


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