What are the advantageous features of mobile DR in battery life design?


Mobile DR can be used in various departments of the hospital, whether it is the emergency room or isolation ward. Whether mobile DR is easy to move, battery life and stability has become one of the key factors to judge the performance. Let’s take a look at the advantages and features of the PLX5300 mobile DR in battery life design.

New Energy Storage Technology

PLX5300 adopts a pioneering new energy storage technology. Products on the market equipped with traditional lithium batteries or lead-acid batteries cannot adapt to the needs of mobile DR activation at any time, and must be charged for a certain period of time before powering on the device when the battery is dead, otherwise it cannot be used. In emergency scenarios, there will be “organic useless” embarrassing situation. If in ICU, the patient’s condition is sudden, every minute and every second is related to life, Perlove PLX5300 mobile DR adopts the new energy storage technology, even in the case of the battery is completely dead, it can also be plugged into the power that is turned on in a second to start and immediately put into the work of saving lives!

Dual Battery Design

PLX5300 two sets of mobile power are used for exposure and booster respectively, using a dedicated super capacitor to power the exposure function. The super capacitor charges quickly, weakening the mobile DR’s dependence on the power supply and broadening the mobile DR’s usage scenarios. The PLX5300 can be charged and powered by standard 220V voltage, which improves the tolerance of the power environment and allows it to be used freely in environments with harsh voltage conditions. When clinically necessary, it can be easily moved to any place where filming is needed to implement instant photographic imaging.

Quickly on the Go

For mobile DR, it is also very important to detach from the power supply and go to the place where it is needed. PLX5300 adopts the new energy storage technology, which can be fully charged in only ten minutes, so that it can be quickly mobilized, and in the first time to assist the places where the power supply is in short supply such as the square cabin hospital, field hospital, etc., to save the life and fight for it in every minute and every second!

Compared with the unstable characteristics of lithium batteries, such as flammable and easy to age, the new energy storage technology is more secure, more stable and safer for frequent use, eliminating potential safety hazards. When storing, no need for regular charging and discharging maintenance, the battery performance is still like brand new from the factory. In addition, the new energy storage equipment has a long service life, the number of times of charging and discharging can reach hundreds of thousands of times, green and pollution-free, more in line with the current national energy saving and emission reduction, environmental protection priority policy.


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