What are the advantageous features of Perlove flat panel small C-arm?


Small C-arm, also known as C-arm X-ray machine, orthopedic C-arm, is an X-ray imaging device with a C-shaped frame, which is used for real-time dynamic imaging in surgery. When it comes to flat panel small C-arm, most of the impression is clear image, motorized control, large opening and wide space, high face value and so on. Indeed, the flat-panel small C-arm has unique advantages compared with the traditional small C-arm. Next, let’s take a look at what advantages the flat panel small C arm has.

Flat panel small C arm

The era of shadow-enhanced small C is about to pass, and the flat panel small C-arm has become the necessary equipment for orthopedic operating room. Perlove medical PLX118WF series mobile flat plate C-arm X-ray machine is the representative brand of domestic flat plate small C. Its all-electric motion frame, intelligent algorithm of high-definition images and ultra-low radiation dose is the necessary equipment for the coverage of grassroots hospitals with new digital orthopaedic technology, which is also the mainstream C-arm equipment in the market in recent years. The advantages and features of the product are as follows:

Perfect image and clear presentation

Large-size dynamic flat panel detector, the image is clear and delicate, to meet a variety of clinical examinations.

Multi-resolution image enhancement processing technology is adopted, with different image processing for different parts.

Seamless Connection Information Sharing

DICOM 3.0 international standard interface, seamless connection with cloud PACS system, can realize information sharing.

Compact and Flexible Manipulation

Wireless workstation: no cable connection between C-arm host and workstation, free movement, fast and convenient.

Bidirectional positioning: realize efficient positioning without ray.

Light indication: with different light prompts such as warning, exposure, fault, etc., to observe the working status of the machine from a large angle.

Intelligent design: Effective protection

Intelligent frequency conversion low-dose pulse fluoroscopy technology is adopted: it brings safety guarantee for clinical work.

Intelligent low dose mode: effectively reduce the radiation dose.

Compartmentalized exposure: wireless workstation, can be compartmentalized exposure, effective protection against radiation, to protect the health of health care workers.

Flat panel small C-arm clinical image

Flat panel small C-arms play a unique role in orthopedic surgery for localization, diagnosis, minimally invasive procedures and treatment. As a physician, you need clear image quality to help you cope with more challenging interventions, and the PLX118 Series flat panel small C-arms provide you with excellent images, a flexible operating experience, and lower dose performance.


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