What are the advantages of a flat panel C-arm over Image Intensifier C-arm?


With the development of orthopedics, trauma surgery, spine surgery, vascular surgery and interventional medicine in recent years, the number of surgical tables has increased dramatically, and the demand of doctors for surgical navigation-guided C-arm X-ray machine has gradually increased. Especially in recent years, with the development of flat panel detector technology, C-arm X-ray machine imaging system core components are gradually upgraded from the image intensifier to digital X-ray flat panel detector, flat panel C-arm has gradually become the mainstream of the C-arm market, the shadow enhancement technology has been gradually replaced. So, what are the advantages of flat-panel C-arms compared to image intensifier C-arms?

1, shape and volume: flat plate C-arm belongs to the second generation of products, shadow increasing C-arm belongs to the early C-arm products, the overall shape of the image intensifier is relatively large, the flat plate shape is thin and light, and the cooperation with the surgical bed is more convenient, the clinical position is more relaxed.

2, imaging field of view: in terms of image size, 9-inch flat panel and 9-inch Image Intensifier compared to the flat panel detector imaging “square”, compared with the same size image intensifier “round” imaging, the effective field of view area expanded by 22%, so that the doctor’s observation of a wider field of view, greatly improving the image quality and image quality. The field of view is more open, which greatly improves the efficiency of surgery, and improves the safety of various surgeries at the same time.

3, image clarity: flat panel detector high spatial resolution, clear image without distortion, intraoperative access to more accurate clinical information.

At present, the technology of flat panel detector has been very mature, more and more medical institutions choose to purchase flat panel detector. Flat-panel C-arms have obvious advantages over C-arms: flat-panel detectors have a larger imaging area, clearer images and better contrast than Image Intensifier C-arms. This results in higher efficiency when navigating and guiding surgery, reduced operating time, and reduced risk of infection due to prolonged surgical exposure of the patient.

Flated panel C-arm

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